Volume 1 | Issue 2 | 2009

A Conversation About Social Media

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In this issue:


A Powerful Business Driver

Customer experience is more than the buzz phrase du jour. It is, in fact, a powerful business driver. Customer experience is “the customer’s perceptions... more »


Starting a Social Media Conversation

Social media is the big buzz right now. Too many executives want to get their business on Twitter or Facebook without really thinking about why. Often, they read an... more »

The Emergent Evolution of the Social Customer

Many corporate executives are still puzzling over Social CRM—what it is and why it’s important. So, let me clarify it with a definition: “Social CRM... more »

Customer Equity Management in Banking

Many banks follow one of the two mainstream growth strategies: harvesting their existing customer base or pursuing competitors’ customers. Large banks usually... more »


Loyalty Is a Virtue and an Asset

Understanding and tapping into customer loyalty can lead to significant long-term business benefits. For many companies, however, reaching this goal can be elusive.... more »

Case Studies

Sainsbury’s Serves Up Fresh Customer Data

In the multitrillion-dollar grocery industry, retailers and their suppliers continuously seek new ways to gain a competitive advantage. The result is a hugely... more »

Deciphering Customer Data

Any company can collect data; all it takes is a customer base, input fields, and a database. All-State Legal has all those things, which allowed for the extensive... more »

C-Suite Strategies

Prescribing a Healthy Customer Experience

Traditional health insurers in the United States consider employers as their customers, not end-user patients. But the industry is in a state of transition, as... more »

A Conversation (Not a Lecture) About Social Media

Nigel Dessau doesn’t pull any punches on his blog or, for that matter, in person. “The advice I give to other CMOs is to fire anybody who is a &lsquo... more »

Proof Points

Loyalty Program Strategy: 5 Best Practices to align with your Business Strategy

Customer loyalty programs are at their core tactical mechanisms for altering the behaviors of specific customers. The behaviors you most want, however, might be quite... more »

Healthy Employees, Healthy Business

Happiness is hot. Over the past few years psychologists have placed increased emphasis on what makes our lives pleasant, good, and meaningful1—in short, what... more »

Changing (Service) Channels

Contemporary banking customers increasingly prefer alternative channels. With the help of the Internet, mobile phones, and other emerging technologies, customers are... more »

Strategy Speaks

Randomness Happens. Are You Ready for It?

We all appreciate the randomness of life and business, but many of us don’t fully realize the implications of the type of randomness we are subjected to. In many... more »

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