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These values are the
foundation for our future

Every interaction we have with our clients, their
customers, our colleagues and the communities
where we operate are guided by these values.



Deliver humanity to business.


Leading the world's most respected organizations to create and grow emotionally connected, valuable, lasting relationships.


Accelerate growth by simplifying and personalizing interactions that build deep engagement between people and brands.



Lead every day

We lead every day at every level to achieve results. We know that courageous, authentic leadership translates into positive impact.

Seek first to understand

We delight customers every chance we get. We strive to see the world through the eyes of our clients, their customers and our colleagues.

Do the right thing

We expect the highest degree of integrity from ourselves and each other. We act with honesty and respect in everything we do.

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Act as one

We’re stronger together — one company with one purpose and one team. We work together and have each others’ backs.

Reach for amazing

We are innovators who make amazing things possible. We spark creativity and never accept "can't."

Live life passionately

We believe in our purpose and live it with intensity. We celebrate, laugh and have fun together.


Our values in action


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Honoring Veterans
We are dedicated to hiring 1,000 veterans every year and have forged partnerships within the community to make this goal a reality. Learn more about how we are honoring veterans through hiring initiatives and internal recognition.


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ESG: Growing a socially and environmentally responsible business
At TTEC, meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to enjoy our world is a part of our mission to bring humanity to business. We believe that proactively managing environmental, social, and governance ("ESG") issues as part of our business strategy is critical to our sustainable growth and is an important part of our risk management strategy. Learn more about our ESG initiatives, including sustainable operations, investing in our people, workplace diversity, philanthropy, and responsible data management.


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Supporting Gender Diversity
We’re proud that many of our top leadership positions are held by women and that we have an environment that empowers and inspires all TTEC women to develop their careers and realize their potential. Learn more about how we support gender diversity.


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Affecting Positive Change in our Communities
We believe that education is the foundation of a successful community and we strive to provide students around the world with access to the tools and support they need. Learn more about our TeleTech Community Foundation.