Our commitment to making a difference


We're committed to improving the world in which we live

Our determination to make a difference for the people, communities, and planet that we share is hardwired into everything that we do.

“Big change is made with small steps. Deliberate, consistent, and meaningful steps.” — Ken Tuchman, CEO

Environmental, Social, Governance

TTEC’s commitments to sustainable growth

At TTEC, we have a long history of initiatives that demonstrates our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. These are the actions, policies, and strategies that help us create a better world for all. In 2022, we augmented these efforts by establishing our ESG Executive Council and refining the framework across our global communities so that we consistently execute our business guided by ESG best practices. We realize this is an ongoing journey. In this, our second ESG Report, we are sharing with you our approach and accomplishments to date. Our comprehensive ESG program is built on four pillars: enlightened people strategy, sustainable climate friendly operations, philanthropy, and responsible information management. Our progress positions TTEC as an Employer of Choice, Provider of Choice, and Investment of Choice.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility

Together, we can create change

We have an unwavering commitment to make sure our TTEC employees are
comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work and can reach their full potential.

DE&I Initiatives

Investing in education to help children and communities thrive

Giving back to communities is a fundamental part of how we bring humanity to business. We believe education is the foundation of a thriving community. We strive to bring students around the world, the tools, technology, and access to services they need to flourish.

TTEC Foundation

We're committed to serving our communities and partnering with amazing organizations