CX and digital transformation solutions for

Healthcare organizations
to achieve exceptional CX

Deliver valuable experiences at every touchpoint along the member and patient journey with our integrated healthcare CX solutions

CX and digital transformation solutions for

Payers to

Increase enrollments and drive higher loyalty and revenue throughout the member journey

CX and digital transformation solutions for

Providers to

Boost satisfaction 20% and simplify patient experiences throughout the patient journey


Investing in the right CX solutions helps members and patients feel appreciated, respected, and valued – building long-term loyalty and a healthier bottom line.

Customer Enablement

45% drop in cost
per enrollment


29% growth in
sales conversions


2x more efficient


20% boost in patient


CX and Digital Transformation Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

Elevate your CX across all channels to show them you care – members, patients, and employees. Optimize your workforce and contact center with our omnichannel orchestration and intelligent automation solutions

  • Workforce Optimization
  • Conversational Messaging
  • AI Simulated Training (RealPlay™)
  • Associate ​ Assist
  • Customer ​ Assist

Workforce Optimization

Gain additional contact center support with our smart seasonal staffing approach

Lower your cost to serve, and improve patient and member experiences with our smart seasonal staffing approach. Instead of recruiting new associates during open enrollment and eliminating positions afterwards, cross-train and up-skill shared advocates, seats, and management across the year. 

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Unleash the Power of Messaging

Rapidly reduce calls in as little as 3 months

Is your brand truly ready to meet customers anywhere, and at any time? Strong messaging channel implementation can improve attrition rates, CSAT, sales, and associate productivity. Gain a competitive edge with TTEC’s Humanify® messaging platform, strategic program designs, seasoned conversational designers, and universal associates.

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Our AI Simulated Training improves associate performance and contact center KPIs

Improve performance and reduce spend by leveraging AI bots to simulate real-life calls, chats, and messages. Train associates on healthcare industry jargon and common obstacles patients and members face when seeking information related to their care, all while maintaining peak levels of security and compliance.

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Associate Assist

Empower your associates with the right answer at the right time

Enable and empower your associates by keeping important knowledge always within reach via intelligent RDA. Smart desktop bots serve up "next best action" suggestions to associates – as they engage with patients and members in real-time – to boost AHT and FCR.

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Customer Assist

Intelligent virtual assistants deliver
a seamless 24/7 support experience

Respond to questions about healthcare at any time, on any day, because our intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) chatbots don't take sick days. Decrease customer support costs, improve first contact resolution (FCR), and free up associates to handle complex issues by offering members and patients smarter self-service options.

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Accelerate digital transformation with omnichannel orchestration and intelligent automation

Elevate the patient and member experience in your healthcare organization and improve enrollment rates. Whether talking with a live person, emailing, messaging, or using medical apps, healthcare consumers crave many ways to connect with insurers and providers. Our CX and digital transformation solutions optimize productivity and reduce costs, adopt integrated processes and technologies to boost member channel optimization, and elevate task automation with Intelligent Automation capabilities.

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Cross-functional prowess across contact center operations, sales, technology, and systems integration

We help some of the world’s most admired healthcare organizations create patient and member success. Our partners stay involved and informed throughout the entire process as we map and target areas to improve efficiencies, processes, and customer success. We tackle every problem and explore each new idea with cross-functional prowess across contact center operations, sales, technology, and systems integration.

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