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TTEC Agility is a customer experience services BPO and technology partner for small and medium enterprise companies. We combine decades of front-line operational knowledge with state-of-the-art technology to deliver quality customer experiences that evolve and scale as quickly as our clients' businesses do. Every day, we message, text, talk and video chat with customers on behalf of some of the most innovative and fast-growing companies on the planet. Our laser focus on micro-interactions allows us to fine-tune interactions at scale, so every experience your customer has with your brand feels as special as they are.

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60% In program cost savings
36% Increase in productivity
90% Customer satisfaction (CSAT) score

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TTEC Agility's complete suite of CX tools

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Conversational AI

This isn't your average chatbot. Our conversational human-like technology allows you to communicate, answer questions, or perform tasks that make your life easier through voice or chat while:

  • Reducing agent call volume, average handle time, missed calls, cost-per-call and hold times.
  • Increasing CSAT, NPS, loyalty, subscribers, productivity, and ROI.


95% CSAT
89% Customer satisfaction
4x Messaging sessions handled concurrently

Conversational Analytics

Data isn't sexy. But it will increase your incremental revenue by as much as 150%. It will also boost your customer lifetime value and help turn your customer service calls into sales opportunities.


72% Improvement in FCR
34% Drop in cost per acquisition
15% Increase in resolution rate

Knowledge Assist

40% of customers stopped doing business with a company after one poor customer service experience. However, customers are likely to spend 140% more after a positive experience. So, it's imperative that your employees have answers to customer questions on-demand. With our program your employees can collaborate better, connect faster, and find relevant information, anytime, anywhere.


60% Drop in abandon rate
20% Higher eNPS
40% above target for conversion rate

CRM Optimization

Customers expect that you know why they call before they even speak a word. Your CRM should alleviate the pain points of multiple screens, disparate applications, and disconnected experiences.


87% Quality score
20% Decrease in AHT
70% Decrease in program costs

Curriculum Design

AI and gamification platforms enable tailor-made training experiences. We know how to engage and enable your employees to not only achieve, but exceed their performance goals. By using a flexible, modular training experience, we specifically target learning opportunities at an individual level, while reducing training length without sacrificing quality or retention.


20% Higher eNPS
58% Attrition rate
6% Higher first call resolution score

AI-powered Coaching Bot

This isn't your average chatbot. Train your employees faster, reduce your costs, and drive your business with automated learning. Our award-winning training bot simulates real-world scenarios so employees can learn by role playing and set their own pace. Employees receive real-time feedback and coaching for areas of improvement.


75% Increase in speed-to-proficiency
57% Decrease in onboarding time
15% Improvement in customer satisfaction

Global Talent Sourcing

We don't hire just anybody. We align candidates to the best fit by identifying behavior characteristics that are most likely to be successful in their role. All candidates go through a custom situational judgement test, personality assessment, language assessment, logical reasoning assessment, a chat simulator, and a computer skills assessment.


40% Productivity improvement
7-20% Increase in eNPS
37.5% Reduction in avg. handle time

FlexEx Scheduling

The skilled labor shortage and wage war means that retention is at an all-time low. You have to give your employees what they want. Organizations that adapt to flexible working arrangements improve retention by as much as 50%. FlexEX reduces your overall cost to serve by increasing retention rates and lowering overheads associated with brick-and-mortar locations.


98% CSAT
4% Absenteeism
96% Reliability

Proactive Solutions

With your customer care associates on the front lines every day, they are the foremost authority to understand and uncover ways to improve your CX. Our proactive solutions framework empowers our front-line employees to make recommendations on how to solve customer pain points and improve experiences using their deep domain expertise and insights.


36% Increase in Productivity
95% Quality Score
$4.3M (Estimated) cost savings over 5 years

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