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Tech Support
as a Service

The end to technical difficulties. Deliver expert,    empathetic tech support customers crave.

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Plug into next-level tech support 

When customers have a tech issue, their world stops and they demand an immediate solution. Get them back up and running – fast, with our world-class support combining expert tech know-how with skilled customer experience care. We provide award-winning digital solutions to fix simple technical issues and the human experience and expertise to solve more complex problems, helping companies earn higher NPS and CSAT scores at a lower cost.


Experienced tech talent 

Our deep pool of experienced tech support associates, trained on both technology and how to excel with customer empathy, are ready to jump in at a moment’s notice to provide support that increases customer satisfaction and exceeds company goals.  

CSAT increased and quality-goal exceed 


Intelligent automation with a human touch 

Customers want to engage immediately to resolve their tech issues in whatever channel they prefer. Our digital-first tech support solutions ensure high-productivity that also increase customer satisfaction.

15% increase in CSAT  and reduced time to first response


Proactive solutions get ahead of customer pain points 

We don’t just fix problems on repeat. We work to identify and solve potential issues before they happen. By finding and fixing issues before they reach customers, proactive solutions reduce customer friction AND costs.

7% decrease in AHT and increase in issue rate resolution


Tech Support for all customers needs


Security and login support

  • Password Resets
  • Login Issues
  • Authentication
  • Security
  • Billing
  • Fraud Protection

Product and warranty support

  • Return Merchandise
  • Ordering / Shipping / Returns
  • Peripherals / PC Support
  • Recall Support
  • Warranty Issues
  • Connected Devices

Sales and user support

  • Sales
  • Web Support
  • Membership Support
  • Service Validation
  • Navigation Issues

Training and QA support

  • Tech Training
  • Logistics Support
  • Site Management
  • Real-time Trouble Shooting
  • Quality Assurance
Ready to elevate   your tech support? Leverage highly-skilled associates, innovative technology, and knowledgebase expertise to resolve your customers’ technical care issues better, faster, and at a lower total cost.