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Each phase of the automotive customer lifecycle presents new opportunities and challenges. We help you drive customer experience success throughout the journey.


Experiences for every car buyer's CX journey


We help manage the automotive customer lifecycle by leveraging data to drive profitable acquisition and retention, and deliver a superior customer experience. Our solutions help clients develop a multichannel engagement strategy that connects online customers to dealers and OEMs, and engages prospects with targeted outbound campaigns featuring relevant new leasing and buying offers. With customized learning solutions, we help create more motivated employees by designing an employee-focused knowledgebase to better answer customer inquiries.

Customers are now more connected and demanding. Each phase of the automotive customer life cycle – from pre-purchase through ownership to ownership transition – will present new opportunities and challenges including:

  • Media are fragmented and vast. How does a manufacturer or dealer communicate to attract new customers?
  • Data is abundant. How does a manufacturer analyze the mountains of customer data to understand who is in the market or what types of vehicle the top prospects are looking for?
  • High expectations. Are your dealers delivering the right customer experience for each individual? Or, are they still stuck in the “one experience fits all” mode?
  • Relevant communications. How does a manufacturer or dealer manage and tailor the rapidly expanding communication channels to meet the preferences of different customers while also understanding which offer is the right one to entice a customer to repurchase?

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