Automotive Client Story

Smarter Customer Service for Better Customer Experiences

Volkswagen Group UK formed a digital-first strategic partnership with TTEC that will position it for success in a rapidly evolving market.

60% estimated customer

contacts made via digital channels

50% estimated reduction

in live contact handling

18% estimated reduction in productive hours over

first three years of operation

The challenge

Volkswagen Group UK Customer Service Operations prides itself on delivering a high-caliber customer service experience that’s representative of its storied brand. The customer service group supports six brands: Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Cupra, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Volkswagen Passenger Cars.

However, the operation faces enormous market shifts: an emerging “green industrial revolution” where vehicles wholly powered by petrol and diesel will be phased out by 2030 and digital transformation imperatives as manufacturers seek to connect with consumers through online sales and order management. Customer expectations are also rising for seamless omnichannel support. Volkswagen Group UK needed a partner to help it stay ahead of the evolving market shifts and deliver a smarter customer service for a better customer experience.

Our solution

Volkswagen Group UK wanted a trusted partner and customer experience (CX) expert with a proven track record of success when deploying digital technologies at scale. The organization selected TTEC to help it make the transformation, based on TTEC’s proven expertise in running contact centers.

In preparing to meet these challenges, Volkswagen Group UK identified the essential changes it needed to make. It established three core objectives:

1. Adopt a Digital-First strategy

2. Transform current operating model from a Service Center to a Customer Experience (CX) Center 

3. Increase customer service, loyalty, retention and advocacy

Volkswagen Group UK also set out to update its customer service channels for today’s customers. For too long, customers have contacted Volkswagen Group UK mostly by email or phone. From Volkswagen Group UK's perspective, not only does this provide an outdated customer experience, but it also incurs costs that could be avoided with a Digital-First strategy.

These traditional methods of contact use vast amounts of agents' time. TTEC presented a solution that would shift the bulk of contact to automated systems, such as chatbots, freeing up people to focus on more complex, value-adding work. No more tedium for staff, no more swapping between systems to track customer histories, no more disjointed customer responses.

We proposed a full-stack solution that includes:

Technology optimization – We optimize an organization’s assets to combine the best of what has gone before with the best new technologies to deliver the right solution, including:

  • Optimization of the client’s Cisco Platform
  • Self-service applications
  • Telematics integration
  • Improved call routing efficiencies
  • Case Management Optimization
  • Digital Channel Optimization
  • AI/BOTS - Process automation for dealers and customers
  • Workforce Management – strategic planning and forecasting

Process and Operational Improvements – Our approach combines a focus on CX as well as employee experiences to ensure that we can optimize a wide range of operational processes:

  • Process re-engineering and simplification
  • Customer journey mapping orchestration
  • Workforce management efficiencies
  • Standardised associate knowledge assessment
  • Operational redesign, team blending, universal agent model
  • Intelligent operations dashboards
  • Maximised agent efficiency

Virtual Assistant and Chatbots – We help relieve call center agents of straight-forward repetitive tasks that can be assigned to self-service. Technology that enables organizations to get their best out of their agents, who can now focus on showcasing talents and knowledge, rather than basic data input.

AI-Driven Training – Simulating near real-world experiences for agents, so they can receive feedback in a safe environment. Additionally, speed up the onboarding process, deliver consistent training and informed management control, as well as:

  • Curriculum redesign
  • Digital learning and knowledge platforms
  • Gamification and social collaboration
  • Dealer education

Digital Worker Factor Orchestration Program – This platform drives agility by ensuring that the most appropriate cognitive agent (human or bot) is used at the right time. By driving optimum resource usage, it reduces costs.

Advanced Analytics – Actionable insights can generate knowledge articles and give agents the ability to be proactive about known issues. These insights derive from:

  • Predictive and operational analytics
  • Analysis of customer interaction
  • Predictions based on statistical models
  • Analytically-derived decisions
  • Meaningful customer and dealer insight, voice of the customer analytics
  • Behavioural and emotional segmentation

The results

The digital transformation and partnership are in progress as part of the 5-year transformation journey, and Volkswagen Group UK is on track to significantly improve its customer experience and meet all expected outcomes. The client now has a single view of its customer contacts and history, which will enable faster resolutions and shorter wait times. More specifically, we estimate that 60% of customer contacts will soon be made via digital channels; live contact handling will be cut in half (freeing up agents to spend more time on other tasks), and production (headcount) will be reduced by 18% over the first three years of operation. By acting now, Volkswagen Group UK is well on its way to driving success in a rapidly changing market, regardless of what comes next.


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