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Trust is the foundation of customer experience

Having a safe and trustworthy brand has become table stakes in today’s hyper-digital world. Our trust and safety solutions provide platform safety, account integrity, content curation and fraud prevention services to help you keep customer data secure and your digital properties safe and uncompromised.

Platform safety

Ensure your platform remains safe for customers with user identity verification, community management, policy enforcement, and other safeguards.

Account integrity

Onboard customers safely and seamlessly to improve trust, enhance security, reduce account takeovers, and cut costs.

Content curation

Improve user experience, maintain a safe environment, and protect your brand’s reputation by leveraging AI, data, and automation.

Intelligent fraud automation

Stop fraudsters in their tracks and reduce fraud-related financial losses by combining human judgement with always-on, AI-enabled automation.

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Fortify your contact center with TTEC Assure


Build trust within your team and with your customers with our powerful risk management dashboard. TTEC Assure delivers always-on monitoring of the risk associated with transactions managed by associates.

Our automated data collection system not only saves time and minimizes human error, but also reveals actionable insights and identifies anomalies. This advanced tool enables companies to closely monitor individual associate activity as needed – all within a secure, tailored ecosystem designed to meet your unique KPIs and needs.

Ensure platform safety

We help brands provide platform safety for customers and merchants who conduct business on your platforms. This includes verification of seller identities, enforcement of platform policies, terms of condition or codes of conduct.  ​We collaborate on process improvements and cost savings - from root cause analysis to AI/ML-based automation. 

95% quality score and 40K+ accounts recovered


Eliminate fraud-related losses

Spend less time worrying about online security and focus on other priorities, like growing your business. From payments and chargebacks, disputes and investigations, to transaction monitoring and anti-money laundering, our fraud prevention services equip brands with the resources to analyze, investigate, and resolve fraud issues 24x7.

75% drop in fraud instances


Seamless account integrity

Onboard your customers safely without disrupting your brand experience. We streamline customer review approvals by leveraging know-your-customer (KYC) best practices, and we are experts in managing account takeover strategies, augmenting your fraud management operations without disruption. 

60% lower error rate than benchmark


Content Curation

We deliver processes that evaluate user generated content for product authenticity, copyright violations, IP infringement, ad review standards, and community terms of service.  We help automate these processes leveraging our AI and data operations expertise. 

6M user generated content posts reviewed


Cultivate trust in a world of uncertainty

From fighting fraud to thwarting internet trolls, we help brands eliminate fraud-related losses and mitigate reputation liabilities with solutions that create safe and secure customer experiences. We do this through:

  • Fraud detection and reducing chargebacks
  • Moderating user-generated content
  • Matching moderators to local culture
  • PCI-DSS and ISO/IEC 27001 compliance
  • A diverse range of services from online credit
  • Card fraud prevention to site management to account security

The expertise to help your company optimise operations

Millions of rules-based processing and human intervention back office support interactions handled

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Ready to be proactive in protecting your brand and your customers? Our fraud and content moderation solutions can help.