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Intelligent Fraud Automation

Proven AI-enhanced solutions that reduce risk and drive growth


Fraudsters are savvier than ever.
Can you stay one step ahead?

Fraud is growing on a massive scale, forcing organizations to rethink all aspects of their business. Attacks are evolving quickly, from simple schemes like phishing and password hacking to complex attacks that put brands and their customers at great financial risk.

Preventing fraud (and taking quick action when it occurs) takes the right mix of human vigilance and AI-enhanced safeguards.

Our proactive partnership delivers easy, always‑on protection

Fighting fraud requires a layered approach that combines the speed, accuracy, and proficiency brands expect with the ROI they need. That’s why we’ve partnered with Sift, an industry leader in AI-powered risk decisioning technology, to complement TTEC’s customer experience expertise.

Together, we multiply the power of CX and fraud support, bringing:

  • Customer onboarding implementation
  • Rules design
  • Fraud analysis
  • Model training/labeling
  • Fraud management investigation
  • Customer support and customer care
  • Continuous optimization

Proven solutions and strategies drive ROI and results

Cutting-edge, AI-enhanced technology combined with CX expertise and deep knowledge of trust and safety limits fraud’s impact, cuts costs, and improves customer experience.

Expert fraud investigators

Highly trained back-office associates can help recover accounts that are taken over, attain high quality scores, and reduce fraud-related losses.

40K+ accounts

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Enhanced reporting and verification

Analyzing customer account information and interactions in real-time and tracking transactions at the associate level limits the potential for fraud.

75% drop in
fraud instances

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Real-time monitoring

AI-enhanced automation keeps a close eye on transactions and flags suspicious activity, letting businesses act quickly and reduce costly chargebacks.

99% reduction in
chargeback rate

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drive growth?