Startups: Broaden your hiring horizons with a CX partner

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Delivering a frictionless customer experience (CX) is one of the first things a growing company needs to master if it’s going to thrive over the long term. There are so many competing priorities in a brand’s early days, but if you don’t meet customers’ growing demands you’ll lose out to those that do.

Investing in CX is critical and working with a CX outsourcing partner that specializes in helping startups is a great way to put proven solutions, strategies, and best practices to use for your brand – eliminating a lot of potentially costly guesswork.

There are many advantages a CX partner can bring to brands, including a plug-and-play approach that can be quickly deployed and scaled as needed. But one of the greatest benefits a partner brings is the ability to tap into a worldwide labor pool.

Find top talent with a global hiring platform

An outsourcing partner can connect you to a global workforce your brand simply wouldn’t have access to on its own. This not only expands your hiring pool to ensure you’re getting the best talent, but it typically cuts costs along the way.

A good CX outsourcing partner will source talent from a variety of locations worldwide, and help you determine which geolocations and workforce mix will best meet your unique needs. This is especially important for startups, which don’t have time and money to waste on potential labor missteps (or trial and error).

Taking a global approach to hiring brings many benefits. It makes it easy for companies to offer customer support in multiple languages, which improves customer and associate experience and leads to quicker resolutions. And choosing whether to hire onshore, offshore, or nearshore – of a strategic mix of all three – lets you reduce labor expenses without sacrificing CX in the process.

But with so many locations to choose from, it can be daunting to decide where to invest. That’s where the right partner can help, bringing expertise about what locations to recommend. And a partner will already have the right technology in place to make managing a global workforce and facilitating customer interactions seamless.

The right mix of onshore and offshore in action

Brands can reap the benefits of a global hiring platform no matter how small or large their staffing needs might be.

When a company that sells nutritional supplement shakes via subscriptions hit the ground running and began expanding soon after its launch, it came to TTEC Agility for help meeting the business’ growing customer support needs. We drove quick results with the right mix of offshore and onshore support.

When the company’s founder first came to us in 2019, the then-startup needed just a couple of associates to expand its customer support team. The company’s needs were small but TTEC Agility specializes in providing expert support in those situations. 

When the pandemic hit in 2020, we quickly ramped up more associates (growing from 2 FTE to 74 FTE) to meet an unexpected surge in demand. In the time since, we’ve provided as many as 83 associates during demand peaks, providing support from the U.S., the Philippines, and Poland. With our help, the company reached 91% CSAT.

Good CX takes constant evolution

Like any CX strategy, your hiring and staffing model isn’t something you can “take care of” once and then forget about; it takes constant finetuning. You need to continually take stock of successes, challenges, and whether your choices are delivering the ROI you need.

A good CX partner will remain by your side, constantly monitoring how things are going and implementing proactive solutions as needed. Having an agile and proactive partner is especially important in a brand’s early years, and can help you harness the power of data analytics to better understand your customers.

In any phase of a business, but especially early on, growth is important. You need a partner who truly understands your needs and is ready to grow with you – with the right AI-enabled tools, people, and strategies to help you serve your customers better and faster.