Growing companies need a proactive CX partner from the beginning (here’s why)

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With so much happening in a brand’s early days – priorities to set, decisions to make, and logistics to coordinate – customer experience (CX) efforts can easily fall by the wayside.

Positive customer experience is vital to startups’ success, with 78% of customers saying good CX makes them more likely to shop with and stay loyal to a brand, but growing brands often lack in-house the expertise they need to deliver a truly great experience.

That’s where the right partner can help. But it is not enough to just have a partner that can solve CX problems quickly when they arise. You need a partner that also will proactively look for problems in your customer and employee journeys and then recommend and implement solutions to fix them quickly.

A proactive partner that brings proven solutions and expertise can provide many benefits, especially to growing companies that often don’t have the time or resources to waste on trial and error.

Get more for your money with proactive solutions

A proactive CX partner can open your eyes to what is possible and what you should be thinking about as you grow your brand in its early years. And a good partner will be able to evolve and scale as your business grows.

An expert partner can help tailor a CX strategy to meet your company’s unique needs and goals, and help you bring that vision to life. It brings a depth of expertise in talent acquisition and retention as well as innovative technology to enable quicker and better customer interactions.

An experienced partner also knows how to listen to your customers, analyze the customer journey, make sense of customer data, identify pain points, and resolve them. They can dive deeply into your employee experience as well, identifying roadblocks for your associates and finding ways to make their jobs easier.

All these things will improve your customer experience, employee experience, and ultimately your bottom line.

A plug-and-play model is a great approach for startups looking to improve their AI-enabled CX. This model, which can be deployed very quickly, bundles complementary services in a way that eliminates a lot of guesswork. Why spend months or years vetting the latest technology and solutions when an experienced partner has already done that legwork and knows what you need?

Being proactive helps customers and employees alike

When a company that sells nutritional supplement shakes via subscriptions started growing quickly soon after its launch, it came to TTEC Agility in 2019 for help with its growing CX needs. We began by meeting an immediate need (providing two full-time equivalent associates to handle ticket resolutions) but over time we’ve become a trusted partner – and have improved CX and CSAT.

For instance, we proactively tested the brand’s return and refund policies and compared them to those of similar businesses. We found the company’s 30-day refund policy hurt sales; when customers had that long to return products, they put off trying them. We recommended shortening the window to 14 days to encourage customers to try the products sooner.

In another instance, we noticed a surge in customer questions about the brand’s coupons and proactively sought to understand why. After experiencing the customer journey ourselves, we noticed nearly all the links on the brand’s website were yellow – except for the link to the coupon code, which was white. Customers didn’t realize the code was a clickable link, so we changed the link’s color, which led to more coupon codes being used and increased CSAT.

We also helped when a newly deployed fraud detection tool erroneously flagged many interactions as fraudulent when they were not, which was causing backlogs. We proactively assembled a team to help identify and fix bugs within the fraud technology. With our plug-and-play model we quickly deployed proven technology solutions to meet the company’s needs and responded to the bugs within 24 hours.

Our ongoing work with the company includes a daily analysis of dissatisfied customer (DSAT) data. Each day we assess what contributes to a positive or negative customer experience and relay those insights back to the company so successes can be replicated, and problems can be resolved.

Get going with an expert partner

When your CX is in good hands with an experienced and proactive partner, you’re free to focus on your brand’s core competencies and what you do best. Working with a CX outsourcing partner that specializes in growing companies ensures your customers (and employees) have the kind of seamless experiences that keep them coming back.