A plug-and-play model is the future of AI-enabled CX (here’s why)

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In this time of economic uncertainty and rapidly developing technology disruption, the ability to stay nimble is paramount. 
On one hand, the economic reality demands that companies be disciplined about directly servicing customer needs, remain focused on profitability, and avoid getting distracted by things that aren’t immediately feasible or have dubious ROI. On the other hand, major advances in AI are helping to improve customer experience (CX) and reduce support costs for companies that can cut through the noise and operationalize quickly, creating a competitive advantage.
Harnessing the power of AI is crucial to making your CX as strong as it can be and with so many facets to consider when it comes to AI-enabled CX, working with a partner is a great way to tap into the expertise, people, and technology that best suit your brand’s needs.
Choosing a plug-and-play model makes things even easier, by bundling complementary services in a way that eliminates a lot of the guesswork. At TTEC Agility, for instance, clients can choose from three subscription options:
  • Simple CX for basic tasks
  • Enabled CX for moderately difficult jobs
  • Enabled CX for complex needs

All three tiers include front-line talent, delivery leadership, data-driven assessments, and employee engagement solutions. The higher tiers add things like workforce management, capacity planning, FlexEX, reporting capabilities, and other solutions, depending on the tier. And clients also have access to add-ons like AI-powered digital quality assurance analytics, curriculum design, and custom reporting.
There are many benefits a plug-and-play approach can bring your brand.

Save time and money with a proven model

A key benefit of plug-and-play is it can be integrated into your business within mere days, much faster than starting from the ground up on your own. Plug-and-play models are pre-trained and configured, so they can be deployed quickly without the need for long development and training periods.
This type of model also can be easily scaled up and down as needed, to meet the changing needs of your business. And when you work with a reputable partner that has a proven track record in your industry, you can mitigate a lot of risk for your brand.
Of course, cutting costs is a top priority for brands today and a plug-and-play delivers cost-effective benefits a well. Developing a customized customer support system from scratch is expensive, whereas a plug-and-play model saves on development expenses and reduces solutions’ time to market so you’ll start seeing ROI faster.

Get the most from AI with expert workforce training  

AI is intended to make your workforce better, faster, and more productive (not replace them). But you’ll only realize those benefits if your employees are well-trained in how to use the technology. Even the best AI won’t produce the results you want if associates are struggling to navigate tools.
It can be complicated to figure out the best way to integrate solutions into your existing workflows and training curriculum, and doing it incorrectly could cost you lots of time and money along the way. Why expose your brand to the risks of trial and error when you don’t have to?
The right partner will not only help you source the best AI platform for your brand, but also will bring a depth of experience and best practices to get your employees up to speed quickly. With your training in expert hands, you can be sure AI is seamlessly integrated into your existing systems and employees are ready to hit the ground running. 

Eliminate guesswork with proven AI solutions and strategies

There are so many different AI options for your business. Do you know what you need? Do you know what you can afford? Can you tell what tools will make you money and which ones might cost you?
Your answers to those questions are likely “no” – and that’s OK. Your expertise is your brand’s core business, not integrating AI. This is another area where a plug-and-play AI model can help, providing you with exactly what your industry and business needs.
Why spend time researching the myriad AI options out there when the right partner already knows what you need? You could spend years vetting the best technology and solutions, or you can work with a company that’s already done the legwork, vetted solutions, and knows which technology will help you achieve your goals and reap the best ROI – today and in the future.

Expert guidance throughout your AI journey

The benefits of AI-enabled CX are well-documented – from reduced cost to serve and increased revenue generation to decreased training time and better associate retention – but doing it on your own can seem dauting.
Instead, work with a partner that understands AI, CX and your industry and has proven plug-and-play options to meet your specific needs. The right partner will be with you every step of the way, helping you craft the right strategy and connecting you with the best people and technology to bring that strategy to life.