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AI-powered Training

Our award-winning RealSkill training bots
help improve onboarding, speed-to-proficiency,
and contact center KPIs

Leverage artificial intelligence to accelerate learning

Training new staff, upskilling teams in new products, or supporting seasonal ramps is typically costs organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in resource costs and yet, employees still deliver a subpar customer experience. TTEC's role-playing RealSkill Bot leverages the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology to simulate real-world customer scenarios so employees learn by completing the job and getting real-time feedback and coaching. RealSkill was also named "Disruptive Technology of Year" by Customer Contact Week as part of its 2020 CCW Excellence Awards.


Train employees faster and at lower costs

Traditional onboarding programs are dry and unengaging, which frustrates new employees before they even start. Our AI-powered training reduces onboarding time and upskills new employees quickly and effectively. Our bot is also easy to implement and launch, and requires minimal upkeep.

58% attrition rate improvement, and 6% efficiency improvement


Improve employee engagement

Today’s employees are tech savvy and operate at their own pace on their preferred device. Our AI customer service training is completely digital, on-demand and asynchronous, enhancing the learner experience while saving companies time, money and improving customer satisfaction. Our RealSkill bot provides more opportunities to practice, as learners self-pace their training, during breaks or at home, so they can be more productive during working hours.

100% immersive, virtual training providing asynchronous, self-paced programs


Real-time feedback, coaching, and gamification

Enhance employee engagement through real-time feedback and coaching and use dashboards to promote healthy competition between learners. You can also drive real-world behavior change using gamification techniques like points, badges, rewards, and status upgrades. Together, this helps associate confidience, which improves speed-to-proficiency and shortens contact center nesting.

20% higher eNPS results and 6% higher first contact resolution score


We are proud to be recognized
as a market leader in employee
engagement and remote jobs

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