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Customer Experience
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End-to-end customer experience as a service
platform combines strategy, analytics,
technology, and operations.


Welcome to a better way.

Companies are doing their best to improve their customer experiences. They are working hard stitching together solutions, service providers, and technology platforms. But, without a holistic plan that brings all of the pieces together with a single focus, they will continue to see their well-intentioned, costly efforts fail. Our Customer Experience as a Service platform offers a compelling alternative.

Forrester recipe for CX Success (2021)

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AI fuels amazing
digital experiences

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Modern associate desktops are table stakes

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Cloud-based CX technology creates agility and stability

What customers want is the same across brands.

What makes them different is how they respond.

When a customer interacts with a brand, they have specific goals. Pay a bill. Exchange a product. Check a balance. We call those goals intents and when you understand the factors that drive intent, you unlock opportunities to customize responses and build deeper connections with your customers. Without a cohesive, integrated CX plan, it is nearly impossible to tap into these powerful insights.

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Banking & Financial

Fraud report

Card inquiries

Billing and payment info

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Benefits inquiries

Claims processing

Billing and payment info

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Order inquiries


Product inquiries

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Billing inquiries


Service inquiries

Make life easier for your customers and your business

Learn how our turnkey approach includes all of the tools, talent, and technology you need to improve the customer experience today and into the future.

The current approach to customer experience management isn't working

The wheel of misfortune graphic
The wheel of misfortune graphic

No ownership of end-to-end CX & EX (OEM, Professional Services, Strategy Consulting, Outsourcing)

Lack of 360˚ view of the customer

Lack of alignment with long-term strategy and operational goals

Lack of alignment with operational goals

Employee experience is poor

Legacy solution scalability is limited

The enterprise must manage multiple service providers

The enterprise is responsible for risk

There is a new and better way

There is a new and better way

Unification of Technology, Talent & Services

From The 'Frankenstein model' To Unification of Technology, Talent & Services

End-to-end management of CX and EX operations and continuous optimization for global talent, technology, consulting & implementation services.

Best of Breed Solutions

From Tech Lock-in, Tech Debt To Best of Breed Solutions

Implement, integrate and manage fit for purpose, best of breed, evergreen technology solutions that solve problems and deliver business outcomes.

Optimal Operating System

From Rip and Replace To Optimal Operating System

Meeting our clients where they are in maturity

  • Maximizes the value of previous investments
  • Modular Approach ascertains where to start and how renovate, elevate and transcend

Next Gen Commercial Construct & Partnership

From Transactional relationship To Next Gen Commercial Construct & Partnership Model

Common vision and ownership of success through risk and gain sharing model, outcome-based pricing and joint governance.


Transformation of the Customer and Employee Experience.

CXaaS Transformation Roadmap

So many stakeholders. So little time. Sales. Marketing. IT. Customer care. Finance. Transforming the customer experience requires support from across the entire enterprise. We've created a phased approach to transformation that will help you set priorities, get quick wins and build a shared vision for the future.

CXaaS Transformation Roadmap steps include Investigate, Renovate, Elevate, and Transcend

1. Investigate

Quickly examine and understand the Customer and Employee journeys to inform and prioritize roadmap.

2. Renovate

Implement several automation quick wins using RPA, RDA and WFI analysis to demonstrate progress.

3. Elevate

Accelerate progress with channel expansion and optimization. Activate self service and AI-enabled employee upskilling.

4. Transcend

Operate a fully-managed CX/EX solution with an optimized technology stack, digital and human workforce, and performance-based pricing.

Give us 100 days and let us accelerate your transformation! Join our 100 Days challenge to get a head-start on your competition—and learn how far Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS) can take you.