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Flexibility Redefined

Our FlexEX approach is an agile workplace
strategy that meets the needs and
preferences of today's workforce.


Improve retention, productivity, and culture with FlexEX

Traditional approaches to contact center scheduling weren't meeting expectations, so we wrote a new playbook. FlexEX is a tailored, fully customizable, agile workplace strategy that meets the needs of today's modern workforce, while achieving business goals and enhancing the employee experience.

Enter the era of radical flexibility

Flexible work is no longer an expectation, it's a requirement. Groups that have traditionally fallen out of the contact center workforce, due to its rigid schedules, now have the opportunity to re-enter through our FlexEX approach. FlexEX allows companies to tap into a more global, skilled, diverse workforce.

80% of employees say they want flexibility in where they work


94% say they want flexibility in when they work.


One size doesn't fit all

We work closely with you to analyze and determine the best flex strategy to meet your unique needs and optimize productivity. By evaluating the numbers and aligning them with your goals, we identify the ideal balance of flexible and traditional workforce requirements.

FlexEX Client Results

96% - Reliability 98% - CSAT 81% - Phone Occupancy

Improve retention and reduce cost

Move beyond traditional scheduling to improve employee retention and reduce cost. Flexible scheduling allows brands to better align staffing to actual business need while optimizing productivity and scalability.

Flexible working decreases turnover by as much as 50% with employees feeling more loyal and refreshed.

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