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Boost revenue and grow customer
engagement with digital’s
fastest-growing channel.


Convert and retain your customers with an effective sales chat program

Chat’s the most popular digital contact method among customers and presents huge opportunities to reach consumers – in those crucial moments when they’re ready to buy – and drive sales quickly. Are you harnessing its potential? Sales chat empowers associates to handle multiple customer inquiries concurrently, resolve customer inquiries faster, communicate with consumers in their preferred channel, and ultimately close more sales and drive ROI.


Generate more revenue by giving customers the answers they need – before your competition does

Customers who can't quickly and easily get their questions answered via self-service likely will head
to competitors to find what they need. TTEC can customise the right mix of people, technology, and
our award-winning inside sales solutions into a sales chat program that works for you.


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Increase the likelihood of conversions

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Decrease dissatisfaction and site abandonment

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Increase overall online revenue


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Grow average order value

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Increase loyalty as customers engage


Activate and optimize sales chat with TTEC's revenue generation specialists

Sales chat presents an enormous opportunity for sales associates to engage with customers in the moment who are ready to buy. Live sales chat can significantly boost your business growth. Let us show you how.

Ready to find your perfect customers? Our sales chat solutions can help.