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Sales Transformation: From Subpar to Top Performer

By deploying TTEC’s sales best practices and training, an under-performing inside sales team became the client’s top-selling partner.

26% sales <br class="hidden-xs hidden-sm" />


Highest chat revenue for

6 consecutive quarters

Highest 5-star rating

among top partners

The challenge

Providing customer care is one thing but persuading customers to make additional purchases—upselling—requires another set of skills and training. A customer service team for a leading telecommunications company’s chat channel was tasked with also selling home, internet, TV, and phone services. Without receiving formal inside sales training, the team was producing subpar results. We set out to help the team transform its sales performance and exceed its KPIs.

Our solution

Over the years, TTEC has developed a comprehensive sales training approach that includes TTEC Sales University (an intensive sales training and upskilling program), our Inside Sales Playbook (a database of more than 400 different inside sales best practices), and in-depth coaching where we drill down into specific areas such as sales management.

After completing an assessment, the team of about 100 agents entered TTEC Sales University. The program consisted of an immersive curriculum and environment where the contact center associates learned from sales experts and practiced the skills they needed while receiving real-time coaching.

Over the course of 90 days, the associates were immersed in learning sessions that included sales execution training, best practices that drive sales results, career development opportunities, and more. We also applied insights from the assessment. For example, one of the insights was the lack of a rewards and recognition plan that aligned with client objectives, which was quickly rectified.

The results

Mission accomplished: Our fast-paced, engaging, and comprehensive inside sales training approach helped the team increase its knowledge retention and performance. After completing the sales transformation program, the associates quickly became the top-selling sales team among the client’s chat partners. The TTEC team’s sales performance rose 26% quarter over quarter and continued to rise in succeeding quarters. As of the latest results, TTEC delivered the highest net revenue per chat (NRPC) for 6 consecutive quarters compared to other partners. Within a year of completing the sales transformation, we also had the highest five-star rating (a CSAT equivalent) among the client’s top partners.


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