The CX Pod

You probably think this podcast is about you, don't you? Well, you’re right. This is a customer experience podcast hosted by Elizabeth Glagowski of the Customer Strategist Journal.

Tune in for regular discussions and interviews with the brightest and best in CX to get your competitive edge.

Recent Episodes

Take a fresh look at part-time contact center workers

With the CX job market, technology and workplace trends evolving , it may be time for leaders to take a new look at an often overlooked segment of the contact center job market: Part-time workers....

Fight retail fraud with true customer understanding

Retailers and e-commerce brands are struggling to keep up with fraudsters who keep finding innovative ways to commit fraud. Get tips from Eyal Elazar, head of product marketing at Riskified about...

TTEC Engage CEO gets real

Shelly Swanback, new CEO of TTEC Engage, shares her perspectives on digital transformation, innovative culture, the future of CX, and "embracing the mess."

Behind the CX curtain: Healthcare licensed agents

In the first of our series exploring the people behind amazing customer experience delivery, we delve into the role of healthcare licensed agents. Liz Glagowski interviews TTEC vice presidents...

Celebrating Juneteenth - A conversation about what the holiday means for business and employees

Though it's been celebrated since the 1860s, Juneteenth became a U.S. federal holiday in 2021. The holiday commemorates the official end of slavery in the United States and has become a...

What it takes to create a winning retail experience

Retail is an industry in constant evolution. Liz Glagowski and TTEC Head of Retail Jon Stough discuss challenges and opportunities for retailers to improve the customer experience and engage...

Drive employee retention with relational intelligence

In the era of the Great Resignation, businesses across industries are struggling to retain employees. Organizational psychologist Dr. Adam Bandelli explains how relational intelligence shapes...

What we got right and wrong about virtual reality

TTEC writers Liz Glagowski and Dylan Haviland got together to chat about nearly a decade of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences. They looked at past predictions, the future...

Customer Strategist Journal roundtable: The Great Re-Engagement

Join the editors of the Customer Strategist Journal as they discuss their favorite trends, stories and facts from the newest issue, "The Great Re-Engagement." Transcript: Liz Glagowski:...