The CX Pod

You probably think this podcast is about you, don't you? Well, you’re right. This is a customer experience podcast hosted by Elizabeth Glagowski of the Customer Strategist Journal.

Tune in for regular discussions and interviews with the brightest and best in CX to get your competitive edge.

Recent Episodes

WebMD Customer Care: An Insider's View

Whether it's answering a simple question or tackling a technical problem, customer service representatives are at the front lines of meeting customer needs. Stephanie Finnell, a customer...

Dow Jones: Great CX Means Balancing Technology With the Human Touch

Customer support is rarely the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Dow Jones, parent company to the Wall Street Journal, Barron's, and Marketwatch. Yet it’s an important part...

Barnes & Noble College: A Lesson on Staying Relevant

As Generation Z heads off to college, Lisa Malet, COO of Barnes & Noble College, shares lessons and insights on what works—and doesn’t work—when to comes to staying top-of...

What’s on Your Summer CX Reading List?

Have you ever wondered what business lessons you could pull from Tyrion Lannister’s exploits in Game of Thrones? Or perhaps you are looking to the future and wondering about AI’s place...

Get the Details Right Before Diving into Values-based Marketing

New research from Forrester points to an emerging trend: consumers increasingly expect brands to take a stance on moral, social, and political issues. However, values-based marketing isn’t...

How to Rethink the Donor Experience

Nonprofit organizations are increasingly struggling to meet financial objectives in a more competitive marketplace. Donor retention and longevity are falling, forcing nonprofits to rethink their...

The Buying Journey DNA

In the age of the customer, consumers have more information and choices than ever before. What they don’t have is more time. That’s why it’s imperative for organizations to have a...

The Contact Center of the Future

The contact center of the future will be radically different from that of today: new technologies are opening new opportunities as well as presenting new challenges. The changes are not just...

Check your CX Blind Spots

Key Takeaways    Acquiring new customers is one thing, but retaining and supporting customers is another story. Capturing actionable data is an effective way to differentiate the customer...

Cracking the Loyalty Code

We all know customer loyalty is important to a business but where do brands tend to make mistakes when it comes to inspiring loyalty? And what’s the best way to foster loyalty among your...