The CX Pod

You probably think this podcast is about you, don't you? Well, you’re right. This is a customer experience podcast hosted by Elizabeth Glagowski of the Customer Strategist Journal.

Tune in for regular discussions and interviews with the brightest and best in CX to get your competitive edge.

Recent Episodes

CX and COVID-19: A Healthcare Leader's View

In part 1 of our series on the role customer experience plays in accelerating COVID-19 vaccine efforts, Ann Marie Muñana, a nursing and healthcare leader at Chamberlain University and member...

Be a Helper: How to Lead through COVID-19 Fatigue

As the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, prevention guidelines and restrictions can feel incredibly challenging. Eric Yaverbaum, CEO of Ericho Communications, knows firsthand what it is like to be...

Mobile Commerce 2021: What to Expect

What's next for mobile commerce in a world transformed by COVID-19? What new expectations do customers have and how can brands be prepared? Bill Bloom, founder and CEO of the mobile market...

Unlock the Key to Great Customer Conversations

In today's climate, companies have a unique opportunity to utilize digital channels to enhance customer conversations and deepen customer relationships. We recently sat down with Sam Rosendorf,...

Tell Authentic Stories: A TikTok Marketing Primer

Evan Horowitz, CEO of the creative firm Movers+Shakers, takes us behind the scenes of some of his firm’s most viral TikTok campaigns, explaining how e.l.f Cosmetics’ #eyeslipsface...

CX Bites: The Best of Customer Experience Insights

Over past few months, we had the opportunity to speak to some of the most revered CX experts and influencers on what it takes to meet and exceed customer expectations at a time where it’s...

CEOs Reimagine Business in a Post-Pandemic World

Prior to the pandemic, most companies entered 2020 with modest to high growth goals. How have CEOs’ goals and priorities shifted in today’s new reality? Pete Hayes, CMO and principal at...

Leadership Strategies for Digital Transformation Success

Digital transformation is more than technology, it's the people and culture that can embrace change and it make it more human. COVID-19 accelerated this transformation, and now we ask ourselves...

Healthcare CX's New Reality: What to Expect

How will healthcare CX evolve in a world that’s been changed by the coronavirus? TTEC’s healthcare CX experts Sheila Curr and Tim Keefe share insights on opportunities for healthcare...

A Direct-to-Consumer Retail Roadmap

Key Takeaways Your customers are your best investors.  An emotional connection can trump convenience. Humanity plus data is a winning formula.  As customer expectations rise, even direct...