The CX Pod

You probably think this podcast is about you, don't you? Well, you’re right. This is a customer experience podcast hosted by Elizabeth Glagowski of the Customer Strategist Journal.

Tune in for regular discussions and interviews with the brightest and best in CX to get your competitive edge.

Recent Episodes

CX BanterCast: where does customer experience go from here?

Clear the way for the newest series on the block, CX BanterCast! TTEC’s own Tim Keefe and Andreas Wieman are partnering up to deliver their takes on what’s paving the way for amazing...

Marketing in 2021: navigating through change

Marketers are resetting their strategies and adapting to new customer expectations but what does that look like at a time marked with so much uncertainty? Judith Aquino spoke with Donovan Neale-May...

Employee retention vs. the great resignation

As a record number of employees leave their positions in search of more fulfilling work, better pay, or other reasons, employee retention is more important than ever. Heather Younger, CEO and...

What's Now and What's Next in Customer Experience

Business leaders and customers alike know how we do business has changed, but are we truly acting on it or merely observing? In the second episode of TTEC's "Redefining Value" podcast...

Redefining Value: A New CX World with Don Peppers

Customer experience is fluid. Social factors, environments, and technology shape people’s expectations and the interactions they expect from the brands they shop with. As a part of the CX Pod...

How Retail CX is Evolving

The retail landscape is transforming faster than ever in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. To find out what’s next, Judith Aquino speaks with Steve Rowen, managing partner at Retail Systems...

Listen up: How Clubhouse Can Accelerate Customer Engagement

Audio apps and social media networks like Clubhouse are taking off for personal and professional development. Liz Glagowski speaks to business strategist Rita Goodroe about the opportunities in...

Here's why this Entrepreneur is Excited about CX

Zain Jaffer, an entrepreneur and investor focused on startups and property tech, provides insights into the startups that are not only surviving, but thriving during the pandemic, and predicts...

CX and COVID-19: Vaccine Strategies that Work

State and local healthcare organizations are facing multiple challenges in getting COVID-19 vaccines to communities. Andy Martin, group vice president at TTEC, shares insights and best practices...

In Their Own Words: Vaccine Patients Share Their Experiences

As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout begins across the country, patient experiences vary. Hear what some people had to say in their efforts to receive some of the first doses of vaccine, and how what...