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Service to Sales

Turn service conversations into sales opportunities
by delivering relevant offers at the right moment.


Exceptional service drives
exceptional sales opportunities

Service to sales provides an operational model to drive revenue and offset costs in engagement centers without hurting customer experience. Support associates engage in millions of interactions every day and have the opportunity to provide added value to customers through product or service offers and recommendations. Forward-thinking businesses can increase customer lifetime value by intelligently transitioning care interactions into revenue generating sales support experiences through personalized interactions that improve customer satisfaction. Our service to sales experts will help you leverage advanced sales analytics to predict how likely a customer is to make a purchase. Additional services include helping you prevent customer churn with automated journey management tools, creating customized services offerings that meet real-time customer needs, and increasing topline revenue through maximized revenue per interaction and cross sell of services.

Most customer service call types have the potential for a sales opportunity. But not all opportunities are created equal, and the wrong sales message at the wrong time can create a negative experience. AI-based conversational and behavioral intelligence creates a foundation of personalized insight to know why, when, and how to start a sales conversation during a service interaction based on value, not pressure. Sales will naturally follow.


Service to sales solutions

Sales and service teams to help turn every customer interaction into an opportunity for growth

Turn-key operational model

Leverage training, coaching, and reporting to shift care associates into "super-care" associates.

Next best action

Deploy our analytics engine to custom tailor every offer to each unique situation, based on a customer's previous purchases or behaviors.

Service to Sales technology

Use AI to predict how likely a customer is to make a purchase and know what and when to sell with automated and personalized engagements.

Real-time dynamics

Get the pitch right with dynamic scripting, which incorporates sentiment and speech analysis to empower the team with the right responses for the right situations.

Cross-sell & upsell

Increase the lifetime value and incremental revenue of customers by tailoring offers to complement and enhance their satisfaction and grow customer loyalty.

Inside Sales as a Service

Our sales outsourcing teams utilize the most advanced marketing, sales, and automation technologies to help you gain customers, improve customer loyalty, and increase customer lifetime value.


Integrated approach to creating a high performing Service to Sales culture

1. Customized solutions
  • Service to Sales operational assessment
  • Solutions tailored to customer journey
  • Adaptable platform
2. Talent acquisition
  • Operations validation Interview
  • Industry best practices for job profile
3. Training
  • Proprietary Service to Sales training
  • Service to Sales certification
  • Differentiated / simulated learning
  • Continuous learning
4. Performance management
  • Service to Sales predictive analytics
  • Circle coaching
  • Adaptive style
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Balanced scorecard
5. Technology & analytics
  • CX engagement management platform
  • Monitor customer health
  • Predictive next best action / offer analytics
  • Speech analytics
6. Rewards & recognition
  • Variable pay for performance
  • Formal recognition program
7. Scalable sales processes
  • Service to Sales playbook
  • Quarterly site assessments
  • Governance structure
  • Continuous improvement
benefits and outcomes of a service to sales approach

What shifts with a Service to 
Sales tech solution

Traditional service

Lack knowledge of customer health

No ability to personalize offers based on data insights

Hindered ability to anticipate customer needs/wants

Lack formal training on consultative selling

No ability to influence the number of inbound customer care interactions that are high-value customers or have high probability to generate revenue

Try to save customers that want to cancel service

TTEC's Service to Sales

Analytics support to provide the next best offer at the right time

Predict offers that enhance CX and increase CSAT

Focus on NPS/CSAT and Customer Lifetime Value

Balanced Scorecard with CX metrics and Revenue

Leadership & associates trained and coached to enhance CX through both service and selling

Monitor customer health to manage Customer Lifetime Value, and consumer perception of brand

Automate customer success plays to build brand value

Increase higher value inbound interactions

Improve customer retention and brand through proactive churn detection

Ready to turn service conversations into sales opportunities? And increase customer lifetime value.