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AI-powered insights, expert training drive sales surge in 2 weeks

TTEC’s unique Service to Sales methodology jumpstarts revenue and boosts CSAT


Increase in revenue per agent in pilot


Net revenue increase


Increase in CSAT

The challenge

Associates at a major telecommunications company were struggling to uncover and convert sales opportunities during customer service calls. The brand was leaving money on the table because associates couldn’t efficiently identify upsell or cross-sell opportunities and they weren’t delivering the right sales messages to the right customers in crucial moments.

With net overall revenue and revenue per associate lagging, the brand needed a new sales approach.

Our Solution

We quickly put our Service to Sales solutions to work for the client. Our approach uses AI-powered conversational and business intelligence to listen to all customer interactions (not just some) and glean insights.

We then used our award-winning sales playbook to help the company improve associate performance in converting sales. We enhanced associate coaching through AI-enabled training and real-time feedback, and improved reporting so the company had a deeper understanding of what worked and what didn’t. We also improved incentives to motivate associates.

The Results

Our work drove improvements quickly. Associates who had been among the lowest-performing quickly became top performers in sales. In just 15 days, the company saw a 27% increase in revenue per associate, a doubling of net revenue, and a 3-point gain in CSAT.


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