The Next Normal: Building Back Better Customer Relationships

TTEC has arranged two forthcoming in-person events on October 14th and No-vember 25th in partnership with our friends at Intelligent Sourcing magazine. The focus is on building back better after the pandemic - not just returning to whatever we considered was normal back in 2019.

We are delighted to welcome Professor Moira Clark, Director of The Henley Cen-tre for Customer Management and Jo Causon, CEO of the Institute of Customer Service as speakers at both events.

As a preview to the events in October and November, Moira talked to the CX Pod Europe podcast and outlined some of the ideas she has been researching around building back better - the previous edition of the podcast also featured a preview from Jo so make sure to look out for both of the most recent episodes.

Moira started by describing the Henley research that connects service excellence to customer retention. Her research found that corporate culture - what she calls climate - is extremely important. She said: “We judge companies and managers on their actions, not their pious statements of intent. What actually happens around here does impact our service excellence, because if people accept the fact that customers will just wait in a queue, then that's what happens around here. This, of course, does impact customer retention.”

Moira then revealed one of her secrets for learning about corporate culture - just ask the agents about their day. She said: “If I get really bad customer service, I used to complain, but now I just say, ‘have you had a bad day?’ The agent will say ‘have I had a bad day… you’ve no idea what it's like working here…’ Then they'll tell me how bad their life is and how badly treated they are by the com-pany and by their boss.”

The host Mark Hillary asked a question about the toy company Lego, because they recently spent some time analyzing if their customer service processes were too good. Customers were delighted, but some in the company had sug-gested they were spending too much and they could just make service ade-quate, instead of excellent.

To that point, Moira said: “What is your vision is for the company? How do you see where you're positioned in the marketplace? Of course, Lego wants to posi-tion themselves as being super at customer service, as do Emirates and Qatar airlines, Virgin and First Direct - they all want to have that position. That's num-ber one - how you position yourself.” She added: “But the other thing that I think you have to do is to work out your lifetime value as a customer. There was a really famous example of this with Domino's Pizza where they worked out that the lifetime value of a Domino's Pizza customer was $10,000. So they trained the staff to pretend that they saw $10,000 emblazoned on the forehead of eve-ry customer that came in to buy a pizza. That changes how you behave when a customer says a pizza is cold.”

Moira went on to talk about several other really interesting topics related to building back better customer service and you can use the earlier link to the CX Pod Europe podcast to listen to the entire episode. Don’t forget to follow the links below to register for the live in-person London events featuring Moira and Jo Causon.

Please use the details listed below to ensure that you register for your place.

The Next Normal: Building Back Better Customer Relationships

  • Featuring Professor Moira Clark, Director of The Henley Centre for Customer Management and Jo Causon, CEO of the Institute of Customer Service
  • October 14th, 2021 and November 25th, 2021
  • Royal Horseguards Hotel, London - https://www.guoman.com/the-royal-horseguards
  • RSVP to Jon Yarlett at Intelligent Sourcing - Jon@purplecowmedia.net

CC Photo by Diego Jimenez