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Workforce management optimization model cuts workforce costs an estimated $9.5M annually

Proactive Solution approach and a culture of accountability save 40%, improve service levels 75%


estimated annual savings


improved daily service levels


cost savings

So much untapped opportunity to improve. That’s what TTEC and its client, a food delivery service, recognized at the start of this engagement. In short order, $9.5 million in annual savings was identified by implementing smarter workforce management (WFM) systems and processes via a managed services model.

The challenge

Despite trying different operating models and working with other experts, the company wasted $897,000 each month due to an estimated 7% overstaffing. Even with a bloated workforce, service levels were often missed, leaving hungry customers disappointed.

The solution

TTEC assessed systems and processes, focusing on the end-to-end customer journey rather than the transactions-based method the client had been using. We concluded there were six workforce management optimization levers to pull that would improve efficiency and productivity while saving money. For example, reliable order volume forecasting data was available; it just hadn't been leveraged. Other areas where implementation of best practices, new policies, and discipline would make a big difference included:

  • Capacity planning
  • Scheduling
  • Real-time management
  • Reporting
  • Workforce management organization

The client handed over to TTEC full reins to control its WFM and agreed to add new team roles, such as analysts, planning managers, and real-time specialists, to ensure smooth sailing for the long term. Experts from both TTEC Engage and TTEC Digital coordinated their capabilities to achieve a holistic solution through our Proactive Solutions managed services model.

The results

TTEC’s WFM leadership and offshore expert resources augmented the client’s capabilities and identified $9.5 million in annual savings. We established new WFM vendor management routines to meet service level targets and improve productivity. Our WFM systems experts supported the Amazon Connect and Verint WFM implementation across 8,000 FTEs, resulting in a 75% improvement in service levels for all Tier 1 lines of business while saving more than 40% on wages and salaries.

“Love the WFM team. So impressed. They are the lifeboat I needed,” the client said. “These guys are bringing a level of sophistication we’ve never had and is making me think: Why am I even trying to build this in-house?”

Key to success was leveraging best practices, tracking and analyzing metrics, and the discipline to hold all stakeholders accountable, including vendors, partners, and workers.

“The TTEC WFM team have been invaluable partners in our overall WFM efforts. Our business needs evolve constantly,” the client said, “and TTEC has been able to quickly provide us with the professional resources we need for any situation.”


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