Service to sales has entered the new AI era

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There’s huge potential to drive sales within the contact center, but there’s a disconnect for many brands when they try to introduce sales conversations into customer service interactions.

An outdated service to sales approach is likely to blame. Traditional service to sales programs have focused too much on pushing products and not enough on understanding what customers actually want.

When associates can provide a valuable product or service to customers in their moment of need, sales become easy to convert as a natural part of the conversation. But when sales attempts come at the wrong times, they feel awkward and forced – and can turn off customers.
With a new approach to service to sales, driven by AI-enabled insights, brands can uncover the hidden revenue potential in the contact center.

Most service calls bring sales opportunities

The majority of customer service call types (65%) have the potential for sales opportunities, which is why it’s so important to have technology and associates ready to identify and capitalize on those moments.

But TTEC research across millions of interactions identified a sales spectrum, highlighting customers’ varying propensities for buying. This means associates can’t assume the same sales approach will work during every service interaction; they need to know which offer will resonate most with which customers and when.

In some instances, customers are receptive to sales conversations only once their initial reason for contacting customer service has been resolved. In other cases, the sales opportunity is the resolution. And a third subset of customers are likely to buy either as part of the solution or as an unexpected add-on.

Use AI analytics to pinpoint the right time to sell

To successfully initiate and close sales during service interactions, associates need to know why, when, and how customers are most likely to buy. The right AI-enabled tools, like conversational and business analytics, can help pinpoint the right opportunities and messages.

By listening to customer interactions, combing through that data, and identifying patterns, analytics can eliminate guesswork and empower brands to make data-driven decisions that drive results. And with the right training, associates are well-positioned to seize opportunities that are identified.

When people and technology are working together in this way, you can drive exponential sales growth. A telecommunications company saw revenue per agent jump 27%, net revenue double, and CSAT increase by three points in just 15 days with the right tools and associate training.

For a roadmap on how to drive revenue in your contact center, check out our strategy guide, “Convert hidden sales potential into revenue growth: Service to sales enters a new AI era for maximum results.”