Technology Client Story

Generative AI Answers Transform Associate Productivity

Let Me Know AI-powered system significantly reduced AHT and associate stress

86% of users

use it for every or every other call

83% of users

say it reduces stress during call

17% AHT

improvement for low-tier performers

The challenge

TTEC's technical help desk associates struggled to access the information they needed from our knowledgebase quickly during calls. They had to manually input keywords, which was time-consuming and produced too many documents. This slowed their ability to answer help desk tickets.

Also, some of the results they got from the knowledgebase were outdated or irrelevant. This put unnecessary stress on the associates, increased average handle time, frustrated users, and hurt associate performance.

The solution

We developed “Let Me Know,” a Generative AI powered answer system that utilized large language models (LLM) to deliver suggested tips and troubleshooting guides for help desk associates.

This solution harnessed the power of generative AI, data annotation, data analytics, and insights to ensure the knowledgebase contained only current, relevant articles. It provided a well-controlled, secure, and monitored data storage environment to ensure the greatest knowledge base accuracy and integrity possible.

Let Me Know also let associates depend less on keywords, enabling them to search for information in a more intuitive and conversational way. And it provided content managers better visibility into which articles are pertinent to help desk associates.

The solution also provided back-end capabilities to improve content curation, scoring and LLM model tuning – so results served to associates kept getting better.

The result

Let Me Know accelerated resolution speed, increased first contact resolution, and made associates’ jobs easier. It also was welcomed by many associates with a strong adoption rate.

Of the help desk associates who used it, 86% used it for every or every other call, and 83% said it reduced stress on the job. And all levels of associates saw average handle time (AHT) improve. AHT improved 17% among low-tier performers, 12% among mid-tier ones, and 5% among top-tier performers.

We know from our extensive work in customer and associate experience that many other brands face the same challenge our own help desk did. Based on the success we saw in-house, we began offering Let Me Know to clients that want to improve ticket resolution times, effectiveness of internal knowledge stores, and customer and associate experience.


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