Volume 2 | Issue 3 | 2010

Telecom Convergence: Changing the Conversation

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In this issue:


Delivering on the Customer Experience

The telecommunications industry has undergone more dramatic changes over the past few years than it has experienced over the past century. Convergence—including... more »


Poised for Transformation

As told to Eric Krell The telecommunications industry is teetering on a customer experience tipping point. Many telecoms are poised to shift from product-centric to... more »

The Essential Element of Customer Service in Telecommunications

In response to declining revenue from legacy, and connectivity-based services, telecommunication companies are diversifying their service portfolios to generate new... more »

The Personal Touch Is Still Essential in the Modern Telecom Era

As told to Erika Rasmusson Janes At Big River Telephone we have an old-fashioned view of using new technology. We're focused on selling in rural America, and a lot... more »

Collaboration Sows the Seeds of Organic Growth

The telecom industry is at a crossroads. New technology, customer demands, and economic realities are forcing firms to reevaluate how they do business. This is... more »

Case Studies

Belgacom Performs a Customer Experience Triage

The European Union affirmed a new era in communications when it published "The Green Paper on Telecommunications" in 1987. The document, which analyzed... more »

Sprint Nextel’s Service Overhaul Brings a Billion-Dollar Boost

When telecommunications giants Sprint and Nextel merged in 2005, the $70 billion deal was intended to create a wireless behemoth that then CEO Gary Forsee thought... more »

C-Suite Strategies

Customer Centricity Starts at the C-Level

Xerox's customer base is advancing rapidly, with new technology needs and business challenges always on the horizon. Xerox changes with them by focusing on... more »

Local Innovation Spurs Global Growth at Etisalat

If you make calls to the Middle East, Africa, or Asia, chances are Etisalat has something to do with it. The UAE-based telecom provider operates in 18 countries and... more »

Proof Points

Customer Experience Excellence: Distinguishing the “Strugglers” from the “Succeeders”

It's no secret. The quality of customers' experiences directly impacts customer loyalty, likelihood to refer, and propensity to purchase. Beyond these... more »

Customer Churn Prevention: 3 Best Practices to Retain Customers

With marketing expenses and the cost of the onboarding process, acquiring new customers is costly. As a result, while it is important to grow your customer base, an... more »

Capturing a Moving Target

Quotas are effective motivators, but the true value in setting sales targets is that it forces the company to look at the future objectively. A sales target is a... more »

Strategy Speaks

One Constant in the Social Revolution

Telecom convergence means more social interaction is taking place among people than ever before. The sheer volume of human interaction is rising fast, and will rise... more »

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