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Keep Up and Make It Simple

As we close the books on 2017, I see a lot of predictions for next year’s customer experience trends. What’s been surprising in these reports is consensus... more »

Darwin the Red-Light Drone

Technology and automation are primed to gather even more momentum through the holiday season and into 2018, making customer centricity a priority in the New Year.... more »


The Evolution of Customer Journey Mapping

In an era when brands offer so many touchpoints to consumers, it’s increasingly important to have a deep understanding of the customer journey. It can seem... more »


4 Technology Imperatives for Customer Initiatives

Mobile life, amplified by technology, is the new normal. The Internet of Things (IoT), no-emission power, omni-channel experiences are coming fast! Against this... more »

Take A Fresh Look At-Home

When most customer care leaders think of at-home workers, they think of temporary, seasonal staff brought in for a quick fix, who are then discarded until next season.... more »

Automation Forges Clear Customer Journey Paths

Customer centricity is on the rise. Companies of all sorts are exploring ways to simplify the customer experience. And many companies turn to customer journey mapping... more »

C-Suite Strategies

Bringing Emotion to a B2B Brand

Avnet’s Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Sellers captured the attention of a packed crowd at the recent Leadscon conference as he harkened back to the 1947 jewelry... more »

Industry Insight

From Bots to Intelligent Virtual Assistants: Building a Digital Worker Factory

Customers expect brands to engage with them in their channel of choice, at the time of their choosing, and to resolve their issues or answer their questions... more »


Be Direct

Who could have predicted that buying everyday items like razors would become an “experience?” But companies like Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s, which... more »

At Your Service

Excellent customer service—that special recipe of anticipating consumers’ needs, delivering on promises, and providing a pleasurable experience along the... more »

Proof Points

Get the Most for Your Money

The competition for good talent is the fiercest it has ever been for contact centers. Workers have their pick of low-wage jobs, thanks to near-record unemployment... more »


CX Is a Team Sport

The question of who owns the customer experience is not always easy to answer. Traditionally, it’s been thought that the chief marketing officer (CMO) is the... more »

Strategy Speaks

Do You Like Scary Movies?

A recent Forrester analysis of customer journey-mapping tools, released earlier this year, analyzed 13 different vendors, examining each one in terms of: • Data... more »

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