Healthcare Client Story

Strategy and Technology for Personalized Interactions

A wellness brand’s legacy contact center model and departmental silos couldn’t keep up with the demands of its members.


or more of consumers rank themselves as promoters after an interaction


of issues were resolved over chat


of answers in pilots were resolved with self-help

As the healthcare industry evolves, consumers are becoming more empowered and demanding tools that give them more control over their health choices. One wellness brand realized the trend and is working to trim internal obstacles to meet changing customer needs. Its legacy contact center model and departmental silos couldn’t keep up with evolving demands by its members. They wanted personalized interactions with the company across channels, as well as advanced mobile, social, and self-service tools so they could interact on their terms. The company needed a partner to help put the disparate pieces together in order to serve the growing needs of its members. Point solutions weren’t the answer.

Our integrated capabilities made us a natural fit for the client. We acted as a strategic partner to develop new solutions encompassing strategy, technology, customer management, and revenue generation. First, employees needed to become experts in the company’s product, services, and processes in order to create superior member experiences. We helped the client create and deliver advanced training programs, simulated learning, and a dynamic knowledgebase engine to enable intelligent self-service options. We also implemented a hosted contact center infrastructure that included an IVR system complete with NPS survey tools. Employees can now access near real-time information and have the confidence that they are sharing the most relevant information with members.

The company is evolving its omnichannel capabilities. It now manages member interactions across voice, email, social, video-chat, mobile-chat, and web-chat, which TTEC enables. The client recently launched a mobile app, as well.

We also helped the client connect members directly with human coaches via mobile tools, and provided ongoing workforce management professional services and escalation support to coaches in the field about best practices in customer interactions. In addition, we helped the client with a B2B lead generation and direct sales program to spur the program’s growth.

So far, results have been positive. Member satisfaction, NPS, and associate quality scores continually exceed expected levels, and more than 85 percent of consumers rank themselves as promoters after a brand interaction. Self-help tools, including the searchable knowledgebase and live chat, are very popular with members, who also appreciate the option to connect directly with a wellness coach. The company’s internal operations continue to be optimized to meet the current and future experience needs of its members.


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