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Convert foresight into brilliant results

Harness the power of advanced analytics and machine learning to convert data into meaningful customer insight.


Integrate + Visualize + Analyze + Predict + Prescribe

We integrate data from a variety of sources, rapidly visualize the information, analyze it to pull out the insights, predict what will happen next, and then prescribe the best actions to optimize business results. We do this with a world class combination of technology and services – bringing humanity to analytics.

Data alone isn’t enough: Integrate + Visualize

It starts with having the right data – all kinds of data. Digital, social, interactions, transactions, behavioral, descriptive, unstructured, real-time and historical. Smart brands sift through it all and identify the information that is most useful to drive business results. With a common architecture that can quickly ingest, cleanse, and enrich data from multiple silos, we accelerate your ability to unlock previously hidden insights.

See things in your customer data that you’ve never seen before: Analyze + Predict

We help clients effectively use data to create a competitive advantage. We start by bringing your data to life with a 360-degree view of your customers and employees. Next, we develop solutions based on an in-depth understanding of your business and your industry to help address the most challenging business objectives. Enhanced by advanced analytics and machine learning techniques, we provide insights from your customers’ recent activities along with predictions of the future that are needed to deliver results.

Turn new insights into new ways of doing business: Prescribe

Competitive advantage lies in acting swiftly and ‘in the moment’ to encourage the behaviors you want from customers and employees alike. Once the insights and predictions we have delivered are understood, we create strategies and next best action recommendations that will transform your business results.

See things in your customer data that you’ve never seen before

Most organizations have tons of data – the question is, how do you effectively use it to create a competitive advantage? Our solutions help brands unlock data and open the door to powerful insights across their business. Whether you are seeking a 360° view of a customer, analyzing employee performance, or evaluating marketing campaign results, our solutions give brands the right data with the tools to put knowledge into action.

75% of businesses have no ability to unify customer data from online and offline sources.

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Analytics + Insights Solutions

Humanify Insights Platform

Get a 360° view of your customers’ needs, behaviors, and preferences in one single platform so that you can deliver amazing customer experiences across every channel.
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Predictive Analytics

Leverage accurate, self-learning models that predict customer actions, from the likelihood to purchase to the probability of turning to a competitor.

Customer Insights

Generate key insights on customers’ present and future attributes, behaviors, and values, at both an individual and household level.

CX Analytics

Understand how customers interact with your brand across multiple channels, their level of engagement, and their perceived ease of use.

Marketing Effectiveness

Evaluate the business impact and effectiveness of both online and offline multimedia investments, through a range of metrics.

Campaign Analytics

Assess the performance and ROI of marketing campaigns across audience, channels, offers, and creative executions.

Incentive Optimization

Determine the most optimal allocation of marketing incentives and offers through advanced analytics and applications.

Real-Time Dashboards

Reduce risks and increase customer satisfaction with analytics efforts that maximize customer participation in product recall initiatives.

Voice of the Customer

Analyze customer feedback from a variety of mechanisms, including surveys, customer service interactions, social media, and emails.

Contact Center Analytics

Assess a customer-engagement center’s operations—from both associate and customer perspectives—to improve customer satisfaction.

Employee Analytics

Examine the hiring, training, and overall performance of employees to inspire the best performance from your workforce.

Advanced Growth Analytics

Build pipeline faster with our advanced AI sales & marketing solution. Know who to target and when they are in the market to buy.

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