Financial Services Client Story

Sophisticated Analytics and Pipeline Management Drives Leads Up 47%

A financial services company optimized its credit card enrollment pipeline with powerful analytics, experienced associates, and robust performance management.

Monthly enrollment targets <br class="hidden-xs hidden-sm /">

exceeded 120%

47% increase <br class="hidden-xs hidden-sm" />

in leads

The Challenge

A leading US-based financial services company that provides credit card facilities to businesses was looking for a partner to re-vamp its enrollment pipeline. It needed a partner who understood its business model and could build a service that would increase sales while also providing care for its existing customer base.

The client’s business model included offering credit cards to businesses as a branded card for use by their customers, particularly for sectors such as doctors, chiropractors, veterinarians and dentists. With sales targets being missed, the organization needed to establish a more efficient and effective pipeline management capability. This service would span the entire product lifecycle, from initial outreach through on-boarding of customers, training of merchants, and ongoing delivery of information to card holders or managers.

The Solution

We brought in highly skilled associates who were organized into two teams to cover the main business segments. Each team has specialized roles from enrolling merchants, providing training and support for new customers, and supporting established customers. Each team grew to 80-90 associates, which, together with the management team, brought the total capacity to approximately 200 FTEs.

The associates were responsible for initial outreach to potential customers, including cold-calling businesses to introduce the service. These leads were then worked to produce quality prospects for further engagement by in-house sales teams. Previously leads were cold called but no effective pipeline management existed to convert these to sales. Enrollment managers within the TTEC team organized tasks and events, such as appointments, and created call-backs for the client’s salesforce to pick up.

Reporting was established that enabled the organization to see the whole lead lifecycle without getting bogged down in the detail of individual cases. It could now see how many prospects were dropping out of the process and how many were going forward to enrollment.

TTEC’s operations were integrated with the client’s salesforce CRM system, allowing team members to gain insight into interactions with leads and exiting customers. TTEC’s Humanify technology platform also provided sophisticated analytics relating to agent performance. This infrastructure enabled TTEC to proactively improve processes, making efficiencies and improvements that drove results for the client.

The Results

Following the establishment of TTEC’s teams, the organization hit its enrollment targets and has been exceeding them ever since. By optimizing the enrollment pipeline with sophisticated analytics and performance management, TTEC associates have exceeded monthly enrollment targets by approximately 120% and the number of leads passed to internal agents has increased 47% since the team started.

Campaigns, events, and the dissemination of messages to new and existing customers are now handled efficiently, bringing a level of conversion rates and customer care that didn’t exist prior to TTEC’s engagement.


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