Outsourcing Services for Government

Exceptional citizen engagement centers

No matter how your citizens or employees want to engage , we can provide the people, processes, facilities, and technologies to create exceptional experiences.

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Turnkey Contact Center Solution

Looking across all aspects of people, process, and technology, TTEC can deliver a turnkey contact center for governments of all sizes. Supporting over 50 languages, we equip our clients with facilities, people, processes, and modern omnichannel technologies that build value across every interaction so that our government partners can deliver excellence at every moment in the citizen journey. Whether you work for a federal, state, or local entity, our government experts will work with you to design and deliver secure solutions that will lead to higher citizen satisfaction.

Multi-Channel Services

No matter how your employees or citizens want to engage, TTEC can deliver technology and outsourcing services across both multi and omnichannel.

  • SMS/Text
  • Social Messaging
  • Email
  • Voice
  • Video
  • AI/Chatbot

TTEC excels at partnering with you to determine your proper channel mix for optimal citizen experience at an effective cost.


When a surge hits, you have already done your homework and worked through the scenarios. You will be ready to deploy and stand up associates in as little as 24hrs to 2 weeks depending on your situation.

  • 50+ Languages
  • Ready-to-go resource pool
  • Execution playbook

We design, implement, and deliver transformative citizen experiences

10% - 15%
increase in call deflection
higher employee engagement than Gallup benchmark
increase in first contact resolution

Outsourcing Services for Government

Humanify Citizen Engagement Centers

Deliver operational excellence across any channel, at any time, at scale, whether on-shore, off-shore, or near‑shore.


Leverage our remote associate model, Humanify@Home, to gain flexibility for major ramps, seasonality, and daily fluctuations.
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Technical Support

24x7 technical support that can quickly scale up or down enables your employees and citizens to optimize their time while keeping the cost down. Don’t let technical issues get in the way of a great experience.

Back Office

TTEC's back-office capabilities deliver a diverse array of back-end customer service processes. Bringing together the optimal blend of rules-based processing and human intervention, we execute best-in-class research, decision-making and closure. Back-office services include transaction processing, benefits administration, trust and safety, and document & content management.

Rapid Surge Force Deployment

Be ready to rapidly scale if the need arises. At TTEC, our objective is to prepare your organization to be ready to support both expected and unexpected volume increases.
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Disaster victim scenario support

TTEC has been delivering disaster support to federal, state, local governments, and not-for-profits for many years. We have the expertise to partner and effectively deploy resources when disaster strikes to support your organizational needs.
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Start transforming your citizen experience today

TTEC offers a comprehensive suite of citizen-centric services and solutions, including strategy, turnkey contact center outsourcing, technology, systems integration, and agent training and onboarding.