Humanify® @home

Our remote contact center associate solution merges the quality and security of an on-site center with the cost structure and flexibility of a work-from-home model.

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Success begins at home

Yes, there is a way to increase operational efficiencies in a contact center while keeping costs low. We call it Humanify@home – a remote contact center associate solution that merges the quality and security of an on-site center with the flexibility and cost structure of a work-from-home model. Our @home approach helps you accommodate for major ramps, seasonality, and daily fluctuations. Scale up or down every time business needs change with our rapidly deployable, flexible workforce, and industry-leading training solutions.

Bigger recruiting footprint, better customer experience

Our flexible @home model enables businesses to quickly scale as they grow or expand to meet seasonal demands. We combine the quality management and security of our brick-and-mortar operations with the flexibility and cost structure of a variable model, providing the experience and best practices of an industry leader at an affordable price.

  • Easily scale up or down and only pay for what you use
  • Increase operational efficiencies while reducing costs
  • Align capacity to the demand curve
  • Part-time and full-time models available
  • Security compliant solutions
An integral part of the team

@home provides great work opportunities for individuals who prefer to work at home. We hire veterans transitioning back to civilian life, displaced workers, and parents who require a flexible work schedule. And we treat our @home associates as what they are: an integral and integrated part of our team. As employees, our @home associates get the same benefits, training, and supervision as associates at our physical locations.

  • Onboarding curriculum for all employees
  • Real-time coaching driven by analytics
  • Online community to share ideas and build engagement
  • Hire veterans, people with disabilities, displaced workers

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