Humanify® Government Smart Seasonal and Surge Support

Have a plan in place for volume spikes

From data breaches to natural disasters, being ready for the expected and unexpected is what every citizen expects from its government.

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Assess & Design:
Understand where you are

You can’t find a way forward until you have a clear picture of where you are.

  • Assess the gaps across operations, training, technology, and other areas of your team and operations
Optimize: Get ahead of where you are

Always be prepared. You can't wait around for the unexpected to hit if you want to stay ahead. There are steps you can take to set yourself up for success before a surge happens that will also benefit you in your everyday operations.

  • Optimize your learning and training
  • Optimize your knowledgebase
  • Deploy technology and innovations
  • Implement AI and chatbots
  • Create a surge playbook
Surge happens

When a surge hits, you have already done your homework and worked through the scenarios. You will be ready to deploy and stand up associates in as little as 24hrs to 2 weeks depending on your situation.

  • Rapid staffing
  • Ready-to-go resource pool
  • Playbook execution
We have experience helping government agencies manage
large support spikes. Our proven approach provides
the knowhow and care in quick-acting situations

Start transforming your citizen experience today

TTEC offers a comprehensive suite of citizen-centric services and solutions, including strategy, technology, systems integration, turnkey contact center outsourcing, and agent training and onboarding.