Delivering Exceptional Customer Service via the Cloud

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As we look ahead to the Cisco Live! event in Orlando next week, it leads me to consider how our partnership with Cisco® has evolved over the past 20+ years. Over this time, we have worked together to bring new functionality, new channel support capabilities, and other features to our mutual clients. And during this time, one constant has remained: our shared commitment to delivering outstanding customer service.

Throughout our partnership, we have endeavored to provide companies with a customer experience technology roadmap that enables organizations to deliver relevant, faster, and more knowledgeable service interactions with customers.

We believe that a cloud contact center platform is the right approach for providing companies the agility and intelligence they need to support omnichannel customers today, and in the future. Best-in-class cloud contact center platforms provide companies the ability to manage all types of channel interactions with customers from a centralized location. This enables contact center leaders to obtain a complete view of all customer support interactions across the plethora of channels used by a company and its customers – including web, email, chat, mobile, social, IVR, and voice.

Providing contact center leaders with this level of visibility can help them identify opportunities for optimizing support in a particular channel, or to provide associate coaching when performance issues are discovered. Contact center leaders who are able to obtain this level of visibility are often able to identify areas for improvement that can be acted on to improve operational performance and the customer experience.

In fact, companies that use our Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS)/Contact Center as a Service (CcaaS) powered by Cisco have been able to lower their total cost of ownership by an average of 27 percent by improving the responsiveness and scalability, including improved customer satisfaction and revenue.  One way that companies have been able to increase productivity, ROI, and revenue is through their use of our icStore™ solution, an outcome-based solution for their stores, branches, and contact centers, effectively providing a single interface for the customer across all contact channels. This solution improves salesby identifying sales calls and directing them to associates/stores that are ready and capable of handling a sales opportunity.  The icStore can reduce the number of lost calls and potential lost revenue by overflowing calls to other stores or the contact center when store resources are busy.

Building the right operational structure makes it easier for associates to deliver an amazing customer experience. When associates have a better contact experience, so do customers. Customers are able to have issues resolved more quickly and completely when they’re connected to an associate who has real-time, relevant information available to them across the various touchpoints used by customers.

Customer service as a competitive advantage

Providing customers with top-notch multichannel communications support is a critical requirement in today’s fast-paced business environment. Global competition, combined with the use of high-speed networks, is making it increasingly difficult for companies to distinguish themselves by product or price. However, one area where companies can distinguish themselves is by delivering exceptional support to customers.

Being equipped to deliver consistent support to customers across any and all of their preferred channels can build loyalty and improve business results. According to a 2012 study of 10,000 U.S. consumers conducted by Temkin Group, 86 percent of customers who said they were very satisfied with their most recent support experiences say they were likely to repurchase with that company again. That compares favorably to the 24 percent of consumers who planned to repurchase after having neutral support experience while only 9 percent of consumers said they were willing to repurchase from a brand after being very dissatisfied with their support experiences.

One of the greatest aspects of cloud contact centers is their ability to help companies meet shifting customer demands. As we continue to invest in our technologies and partnership with Cisco, we look forward to providing our collective clients new ways for supporting their multichannel customers and drive superlative customer experiences.

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