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Fast-emerging trends + best practices for pharmacies administering the COVID-19 vaccine


Pharmacies are the face of neighborhood healthcare

Community pharmacies stand at the forefront of the nearly 330 million people seeking COVID vaccinations and related services. The logistical challenges of educating, scheduling, vaccinating, and following-up with healthcare consumers are immense. To accommodate this massive undertaking, retail pharmacies must prioritize customer experience.


Deliver vaccines effectively, and with empathy



Community pharmacies play a crucial role in the vaccination experience


Community pharmacies are under immense pressure to ensure consumers receive vaccinations quickly and safely. Making the process of appointment-setting, vaccinating on-site, and following-up to track reactions and schedule second doses as seamless as possible will make all the difference in the last mile to vaccinate America — and foster long-term customer relationships after the fact.



Our outcome-focused vaccine management solutions deliver real results



fewer help line calls


quality performance


hours to set up a virtual contact center


increase in multichannel engagement



In addition to solving for challenges, CX experts recommend the following:


Lead with compassion and empathy to ease public concerns around the vaccine

Reach consumers via text messaging, live chat, and social media, in addition to phone calls

Set up an agile vaccine management program to change as vaccination protocols change

Build upon those initial consumer connections to foster long-terrm loyalty

Unleash the Power of Messaging

Leveraging the power of LivePerson’s AI-powered Conversational Cloud, we make it easy for consumers to ask questions, get the help they need, and connect with your brand via the same messaging channels they prefer and already use every day with their friends, colleagues, and family.

  • Provide proactive vaccine education and awareness
  • Optimize registration, scheduling, vaccination, and reporting
  • Vaccinate Americans faster, safer, and more efficiently

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