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Close the Vaccination Gap with Last Mile Support


The COVID-19 vaccination campaign is off to a frustratingly slow start—but it doesn’t have to be this way. A glaring problem is that pharmacies, hospitals, and local county health officials are left to handle the “last mile” of getting the vaccine to individuals on their own.

Read this checklist for proven customer experience solutions that remove last mile obstacles and get vaccines to individuals faster and more effectively with improved citizen experience.


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TTEC supports vaccine distribution efforts with CXaaS

  • At-home operations: TTEC’s at-home operations platform powers 40k+ remote agents across the globe in completely secure work-from-home environments.
  • Award-winning training: AI-powered learning solutions train agents 2-3x faster and keep their job skills and knowledge up-to-date.
  • Messaging platforms: Reach patients and citizens via the platforms they prefer for outreach, scheduling, inquiry responses, critical follow-up. Plus, boost interactions by 4x with asynchronous messaging.
  • Intelligent automation: Eliminate redundancies and deflect calls to intuitive self-service to increase efficiencies and drive down labor costs.
  • Back-office support: Gain efficiencies with best-in-class management and optimization of processes with asynchronous back office support.

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Close the Vaccination Gap with Last Mile Support