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TTEC Engage is our global hub of operational excellence providing clients award winning, turnkey customer acquisition, care, revenue growth, and digital trust and safety services.

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TTEC, a leading global provider of customer experience, engagement, and growth solutions delivered through its proprietary end-to-end Humanify™ Customer Engagement as a Service offering, in 2013 announced the majority acquisition of Revana, a leading technology-enabled revenue generation solution that helps top brands navigate and profit from change.

Through TTEC Engage we will continue to help clients deliver outrageous growth with advanced analytics and specially trained sales associates.

As a recognized leader in technology-enabled revenue generation solutions for over 20 years, Revana Growth Services helps top brands navigate and profit from contextual, in the moment customer engagement. Utilizing the latest technology and best practices, Revana Growth Services provides integrated sales and marketing solutions for digital demand generation, lead nurturing and qualification, acquisition sales, growth and retention, sales advisory services, sales and marketing analytics. Revana Growth Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of TeleTech Holdings, Inc.