Government Solutions Client Story

Portable Cloud Solution for Increased Productivity

A state governmental office, responsible for child support enforcement was looking to upgrade its infrastructure to a sophisticated telephony platform. We deployed a new platform to 74 offices and implemented our cloud solution.


in IT staff and training costs


portability to allow for office location changes


contact center for improved coverage and employee productivity

The inefficient handling of citizen calls can have a detrimental effect on both the citizen experience and a government agency’s contact center costs. Poor experiences can leave citizens feeling frustrated, while the agency is forced to pay extra to compensate for unexpected events, such as high spikes in call volume. A large state governmental office, responsible for child support enforcement, wanted to overcome its contact center inefficiencies by upgrading its infrastructure to a sophisticated telephony platform. The new platform needed to be able to accommodate fluctuating demand and able to expand and contract as needed. Our primary objectives were to provide contact center services on an on-demand basis to reduce the need for internal IT staff and specialized staff training, as well as flexible remote office locations that would be able to be opened, moved or closed in response to citizen or governmental needs.

We partnered with a telecommunications leader to deploy its telephony solution to 74 offices, including eight regional contact center facilities, utilizing our cloud platform and their SIP PSTN and MPLS WAN connectivity. Our cloud solution also included Unified Contact Center Enterprise Automatic Call Distributor, Interactive Voice Response, Dynamic Routing and Integrated Reporting. In addition, the solution utilized our proprietary icDesktop for next-generation associate and supervisor desktop, together with icPortal, a customizable, user-friendly interface allows for the administration of contact center interactions.

As a result of the implementation of the joint solution, virtually no in-house staff is needed to support applications previously managed on premise, and expenses associated with training were significantly reduced. In keeping with the client’s desire for portability of the solution, the footprint of the equipment required at the remote offices is very small, consisting only of a router, phones and switches, allowing the agency to move office locations quickly and economically. The virtual state contact center allows regions to back each other up for more effective utilization of governmental employees, providing better coverage of each agency overall while serving to reduce personnel costs.


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