You're Invited to Crowdsource the Future of Hospitals

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For over 100 years, the hospital has been the core of our healthcare system, and a pillar of every community - the central hub where people enter and leave this world, and where scientific discoveries become life saving procedures.

But in the last couple of decades, technological, social and economic forces have chipped away at this model. As these trends continue - making traditional clinical environments punishingly expensive to run, and increasingly less necessary for many healthcare needs - the future of the community hospital is uncertain."

…So begins the scenario in the Institute for the Future’s newest Foresight Engine and crowdsourcing game, Future of the Hospital, to be played January 8-9, 2013. This is your chance to share your thoughts and shape the future of hospitals! You, and anyone, you know are invited to play.

Forbes and Fast Company have already written articles about this opportunity and are recognizing it as a chance for anyone to help change the future and fix the world.
Shifting patient expectations, shifting care delivery, new pathways for medical discovery, and a more globalized healthcare economy are slowly transforming the traditional medical model, creating an exciting opportunity for us to imagine the future of the community hospital.

In the next decade, can the community hospital compete with specialty hospitals, or with highly personalized consumer technology?

How will new technologies like telepresence help hospitals provide relevant care in a world where fewer services require stepping foot inside a clinical environment?

Can we repurpose and reimagine the existing hospital infrastructure for the health and wellness needs of the twenty-first century?

Join the conversation! To play the collaborative crowdsourcing game, simply sign up at www.futureofhospitals.org.

How does this crowdsourcing game work? Here’s what you need to know:
  • Future of the Hospital is a collaborative forecasting game designed to bring together networks and voices from all over the world—previously unlinked—to create insights for change. The game will give people the opportunity to think together about best and worst case scenarios.
  • Anyone and everyone is invited to play. So, spread the word!
  • The game will be held online, January 8-9, 2013.
  • Participate wherever you happen to be—all you need is an e-mail address and Internet access.
  • Registration to play requires only an e-mail address.
  • You can play for five minutes or all day—it’s up to you.
  • There are many paths to participate: watch the two-minute future scenario video, share your thoughts about the future of the hospital via a Twitter-length microforecast, or respond to what other players have shared.
  • You can see player responses at any point during the game on the game dashboard. Game guides will also highlight interesting ideas and winning chain reactions with awards and shout-outs in the game blog.

Learn more and play at www.futureofhospitals.org.