Wacky Ways to Reduce Taxes and Beat Customers’ Tax Day Blues

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Put on your crazy pants because this infographic from Liberty Tax Service shares some wacky ways for you to take more tax deductions. But, off-the-wall tax tips aren’t the only thing that’s going extreme. Companies are going to any extent to beat customers’ tax day blues, and these examples from Fast Company are sure to give you some great ideas.

Wacky Ways to Reduce Taxes and Beat Customers’ Tax Day Blues

According to Liberty Tax Service, the U.S. tax code allows for some funkdafied yet legitimate taxes and deductions. Here are just some of the noteworthy:

  • In South Carolina, you can get $50 for donating a dead deer to the poor. (Has Jeff Foxworthy gotten ahold of this yet?)
  • In 23 states, an illegal drug tax applies to the purchase of any illegal substance. (Hmm…. I wonder how long the arrest warrant takes to kick in after drug dealers pay Uncle Sam?)
  • In New York, a tax is applied to all sliced or prepared bagels. (All New York bagel shops must have a sign that reads: Sorry… patrons must cut their own bagels.)

If tax burdens are wilting your customers’ enthusiasm to spend this spring season, rejuvenate them with extreme customer service to beat customers’ tax day blues. A recent Fast Company article recapped stories of the great lengths companies will go to put a smile on customers’ faces. Here are the highlights:

10,000 Tacos Helicoptered
Taco Bell-deprived fans in Bethel, Alaska were pranked into believing they were going to get their own Taco Bell. To soften the blow that Taco Bell had no plans of expanding into Bethel, the company loaded 10,000 beef tacos into a helicopter and delivered them to the residents.

Heart-Shaped Pizza from Afghanistan
While away in Afghanistan, U.S. soldier Shawn Fulker wanted to send his wife her favorite pizza on her birthday. He sent an email to Mellow Mushroom to make the special delivery request. Not only did the company make a heart-shaped pizza for her, they picked up balloons on the way.

If you want to rocket boost your service from standard-old boring to zany, memorable, and downright delightful customer experiences that get people talking (and spending), TTEC’s customer-centric experts offer this advice:

Stop Thinking Efficiency and Start Thinking Experience
Throw out the old rules! Move your customer-facing employees away from efficiency guidelines and toward customer experience measurements. Lift efficiency and productivity-related performance penalties and give employees the freedom to do whatever it takes to resolve problems, make a positive impact on their day, and beat customers’ tax day blues.

Reward the Things that Matter Most to Customers Award prizes to those who do it best. To ensure that the right employee behavior is rewarded, increase the frequency of recognition and revamp your bonus formula based on customer experience metrics. Daily and weekly employee incentives should reward those who truly deliver exceptional service interactions and beat customers’ tax day blues.