Customer Connections and SMS: How Texting is Changing the World

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What’s the easiest and best way to create immediate customer connections? SMS or text messaging could arguably be the most efficient means for sending a note to the pockets of your customers. In fact, 75 percent of all Americans use text messaging technology regularly, according to comScore. In TTEC’s ongoing series on technologies that transform the customer experience, we investigate the breadth of SMS adoption and witness its uncanny ability to build trust while delivering convenience around the world.

SMS technology just turned 20 years old in December of 2012, and MBAOnline.com reveals the adoption rate of texting. These statistics demonstrate the potential this technology holds as a business tool and customer connection capability.     
  • Texting is the #1 most used data service in the world
  • There are five times more texters than Facebook members and four times more texters than monthly Google users

Clearly, mobile phones are not just devices but our deep personal connections to all the people and information we need. We let our phones dominate our attention, and this is precisely what makes texting the new channel of choice for smart businesses.

In America (especially among younger generations) texting is huge, but it’s gaining even more ground in developing nations. Global companies looking to connect with customers and make doing business easy in Africa and Asia should take note. Not only do cell phone subscriptions often outpace bank accounts in these corners of the globe, companies are using texting as a means for building trust with customers in industries where corruption is all too familiar.

In developing countries, customers are becoming accustomed to using SMS technology to manage their bank account, send and receive financial transactions, and communicate with government entities. As SMS technology becomes the secure way to do business, more and more consumers will judge the value of vendors and partners based upon their SMS services.

Global businesses in particular will need to make investments in mobile and SMS-based services. The mobile phone is continuing to dominate business interactions and become the preferred communication channel, so business leaders will need to find ways to meet these needs and delight today’s digital customers through savvy mobile service applications. Is your business ready?