Top digital transformation insights from the world’s most enduring brands

More than ever before, well-established companies are succumbing to wave after wave of disruption from new entrants, new technologies, and new customer expectations. As organisations begin to cope with the realisation that digital transformation is key to their survival in the age of technology-driven business, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that digital transformation is merely a technology investment play.

Join our CX experts for an information-packed webinar featuring futurist and principal analyst, Daniel Newman. Tune into and find out everything you should do now to build greater CX stability for the future.

Watch and listen to this webinar to learn:

  • The best-kept secret to CX success behind the world’s most enduring companies
  • 7 operational pillars for accelerating digital transformation
  • How to manage change and turn disruption into a tireless engine of opportunity

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Daniel Newman

Futurist and CX Expert

Daniel Newman is a founding partner and Principal Analyst of Futurum Research and the CEO of Broadsuite Media Group, one of our sister companies. Living his life at the intersection of people and technology, Daniel works with the world’s largest technology brands exploring Digital Transformation and how it is influencing the enterprise. From Big Data to IoT to Cloud Computing, Newman makes the connections between business, people and tech that are required for companies to benefit most from their technology projects, which leads to his ideas regularly being cited by CNBC, Barrons, Business Insider and hundreds of other sites across the world. A 7x Best-Selling Author including his most recent “Human/Machine.” Daniel is also a Forbes and MarketWatch (Dow Jones) contributor. MBA and Graduate Adjunct Professor, Daniel Newman is a Chicago Native and his speaking takes him around the world each year as he shares his vision of the role technology will play in our future.

Darryl Kelly

VP, Marketing,
TTEC Digital



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