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Best Practices for Exceptional Online Customer Experience

With the shift to virtual retail, how do you deliver the same quality customer experience in a contactless commerce environment that you do in a brick and mortar setting? Many retail companies rely on the personal, real physical interactions of their associates to provide an experience for customers that builds loyalty and generates future revenue. Now, as consumer behavior trends toward more online shopping, the retail industry is turning to technology and messaging platforms to replicate those shopping experiences.


Messaging provides customer and brand connections, virtually

Some of the many uses for retail messaging include:




Social Media


Virtual Retail + Messaging: They Just Fit

Messaging for virtual retail best practices guide

In an omnichannel retail environment, the demands placed on customer experience agents is magnified; the amount of information that needs to be retrieved, analyzed and inputted to effectively resolve customer queries is often unmanageable for human agents. In the past, automated messaging bots haven’t been much better. But that’s changing. Today’s messaging and chatbots leverage artificial intelligence to provide a conversational experience that feels human while still providing the speed and efficiency of automated systems. In this strategy guide, learn omnichannel retail best practices and the benefits of implementing messaging bots for retail.


Virtual retail customers are fickle.
Communication is key

Online shoppers are more likely to switch brands, but virtual communication helps earn and retain loyalty. Conversational messaging is a perfect channel to help your brand increase sales and customer satisfaction. This virtual retail strategy guide details how to:

  • Make communication central to virtual retail experience
  • Use artificial intelligence like messaging and chatbots to facilitate authentic communication
  • Leverage AI and automation to build a stronger omnichannel retail structure
virtual retail messaging best practices strategy guide


Brands utilizing messaging can quadruple sales conversions and double employee efficiency.


Brands with strong digital CX retain 89% of their customers, compared to only 33% for brands that don't.


Virtual conversational experiences can result in customer satisfaction score increases of 20% or higher.


Bring an offline feel
to the online experience

Messaging and Chatbots for Retail

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Consumers today lead busy, mobile lifestyles, and virtual communication just fits. It's the method of choice for connecting with friends, family, and increasingly, brands too. Retailers are discovering the benefits chatbots and messaging bots can bring to an omnichannel retail strategy. And messaging is one of the only CX technologies that simultaneously lowers cost, increases employee productivity, and improves customer satisfaction.

Messaging and Chatbots can:

  • Use AI technology like natural language processing to listen, understand and respond to customers quickly and precisely
  • Integrate with CRM, contact center and other software platforms

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Virtual Retail + Messaging: They Just Fit