The Ultimate Digital Planning Workbook for Contact Centers

7 key points to align IT
strategy, business goals,
and customer needs

Achieving a value-based digital transformation in the contact center starts with a tactical cloud migration plan – one that’s rooted in an unbreakable alignment of business goals, IT strategy and customer needs. Our Center for Customer Excellence designed a 7-point digital planning workbook to help facilitate richer, more productive CX transformation discussions between IT and business leaders – and for a limited time only – we’re giving it away for FREE.


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Our Ultimate Digital Planning Workbook will help you Maximize your Digital Transformation

Getting IT and business leaders on the same page to digitally transform your CX organization doesn’t have to be hard. Round up your transformation stakeholders, clean off the whiteboard, and start kicking around these 7 discussion points. Download our workbook to learn...

  • 7 probing questions that will get your business and IT teams aligned on your organization’s digital future
  • Key points on getting the most value from your cloud technology through proactive transformation
  • Why the customer experience should be the primary focus of your digital plan


years developing and enabling contact center solutions
years transitioning premise-based clients to the cloud
years publicly-listed on NASDAQ
daily Cloud/SaaS and managed seats
client renewal rate

We Deliver Award-Winning, Proactive CX Business Transformation


Working with a highly-qualified digital transformation partner makes the process of mapping IT objectives to business goals easier, so your organization can deliver value-based CX. With 25+ years developing and enabling contact center solutions and over a decade transitioning premise- based clients to our cloud solution, TTEC is the business transformation partner you can trust.

  • We can help INCREASE REVENUE by proactively managing opportunities and customer retention.
  • We can help you MAXIMIZE STAFF PERFORMACE through contact center training programs and curated knowledge systems
  • Our tools can help you REDUCE TOTAL COST TO SERVE by integrating lower cost digital channels
  • Our AI and automation tools can help you IMPROVE THE EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE slashing onboarding time in half and improving speed to efficiency

The Humanify® Difference

Humanify Enterprise is a highly scalable, fully integrated, cloud engagement solution, powered by Cisco. Our exclusive solution employ’s TTEC’s differentiated features that enhance the capability and flexibility of the Cisco HCS platform.

We developed an integrated multi-cloud solution, encompassing the scope of modern contact center solutions. We go beyond the “single stack solutions” focused on just omnichannel and routing. We widened the cloud offering to include industry-leading omnichannel, speech analytics, workforce engagement, journey orchestration, and more. It also comes equipped with a complete AI-suite to assist customers and contact center agents as well as a comprehensive learning and performance optimization platform to deliver an all-in-one next generation cloud platform.


Get the free workbook

The Ultimate Digital Planning Workbook for Contact Centers