CX for Startups

The old contact center model is broken.

Our customized business models for startups provide brands with a people-first approach, built upon our strong technological and operational infrastructure, deployed in a flexible, agile model.


Amazing isn’t a one-off. Your customers expect it 24/7.

Every call, text, tweet, and video chat with your customers has to be amazing. Personal, relevant, and simple across every channel, every time. We live, breathe, and dream about helping brands like yours deliver. We’ve invested millions of dollars in creating new tools that make things easier, more intuitive, and more fun. With our rapid scaling solutions, you get our strong infrastructure deployed in a flexible, agile model.


We design, implement and deliver transformative customer experiences for many of the world’s most iconic and disruptive brands.



Under 2% monthly




improvement in time to proficiency


We look for rock stars and then give them what they need to really jam!

The best customer experience Is built on cutting edge technology, excellent facilities and efficient processes. But having all of that means nothing if you don’t have the best people on the front line. We work hard to find the brand ambassadors. Less than 10% make it through our selection process. Once on board, we put them on teams and measure their success as a whole. Team leaders, trainers and teammates working together to make beautiful music.

Facilities, People, and Partnership
Your customers love your brand and we do too.

We build our environments to reflect your brand. When you arrive in one of our customer engagement centers you will feel like you are home. That’s because we build your brand in our facilities, our people, and our partnership.



Take your customer service to the next level

We provide the contact center associates, training, operations, and technology infrastructure to help you provide CX excellence at every touchpoint.

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