Retail and eCommerce Client Story

Store in a Box for Rapid Turnaround


in a box for rapid solution deployment


virtually eliminates transfer fees


stable hardware easier and cheaper to support

Our client was operating around 80 stand-alone stores and were using aging technology systems creating frustrated customers. We helped implement new technology systems and a “store-in-a-box” solution.

The world’s leader in high-technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions, operating in 80 stand-alone stores, was faced with aging technology systems – and frustrated customers. During peak times, incoming customer calls would often times go unanswered, forcing the customer to either call another branch, or worse, a competitor. To overcome this challenge, our client sought to update its network of aging key systems in each of its stores and hub locations, as well as its Avaya systems in its two independently operated contact centers. The client also wanted to centralize its operations for better coverage as well as improve customer service and reduce costs by moving to VoIP.

We implemented UCCE/CVP for the contact centers, and a distributed network of ISR routers for call ingress at the stores and hubs. When a call to a local store remains unanswered, it is routed to a hunt group of other nearby locations. If the call is still unanswered, it is finally routed to one of two central contact centers for handling.

With the multiple stores requiring implementation and the tight timelines required by the client, we devised a repeatable “store-in-a-box” solution, allowing for rapid turnaround standard installations and minimal disruption.

We also provided Day 2 and core support, as well as customization when individual stores have specialized needs not fully realized by the standard solution.

Our integrated network allows the client to provide a much higher level of service to its customers, reducing the number of callbacks and calls lost to competitors. Moving away from the independently operating systems at each store, now each store is on the same type of hardware. This standardization allows for easier support and troubleshooting, ensuring each store’s platform is stable and secure.


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