Government Solutions Client Story

Self-Serve Worker’s Compensation Claims by Phone


IVR options for smart staff utilization, personnel cost reduction


in IT staff and training costs


scaled up or down to accommodate demand

A large state governmental office was looking to upgrade their contact center to allow self-service options. Using our cloud solution they are now able to answer claims quickly by phone and staff according to needs.

Self-service technologies can play a key role in empowering citizens to find answers to their questions on their own terms, while enabling agencies to deliver a superior experience at a lower cost. Faced with rising citizen frustrations and high staff and training costs, a large state governmental office responsible for managing and adjudicating worker’s compensation claims needed to upgrade its contact center to allow citizens self-service options. In addition, the solution needed to be scalable to accommodate fluctuating demand, as well as reduce internal IT staff and specialized staff training requirements.

To answer the client’s need for scalability and flexibility, we utilized our cloud solution including Unified Contact Center Enterprise Automatic Call Distributor, Interactive Voice Response, Dynamic Routing and Integrated Reporting. We also deployed our icDesktop for next-generation associate and supervisor desktop, together with icPortal, a customizable, user-friendly interface for the administration of contact center interactions.

Our sophisticated IVR functionality now allows workers to make their claims quickly by phone resulting in a massive reduction in calls needing to be handled directly by contact center staff, so much so that the agency was able to renegotiate its 800-number carrier services to take advantage of the lesser demand. The cloud solution’s scalability allows the agency to reduce or increase its staff as needed to address changes in call volumes, and the in-house staff needed to support applications previously managed on premise have been virtually eliminated.


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